Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dead One Day

My visit to the graveyard this afternoon reminds me of my own death one day. Will my friends visit my grave if I were to die at a very young age? Are they going to recite "Al-Fatihah and "Surah Yassin" when I have already left this cruel world of life? That is a question that needs explanation.

Thanks Y.Y, for bringing me to Allahyarhamah T. M's grave; you gave me such a reminder because you know I have strayed too far from Allah. You have indirectly brought me back to reality, that people are going to die one day. I forgot the fact that I am not going to live forever, I am going to face Allah the Almighty pretty soon. 

Oh Allah, let me be around my friends, teachers and family until the very end of my life. I hope that they are not going to leave me alone, facing my own death in the middle of regression. I have sicknesses that I cannot tell, even I do not know what is the pain I am dealing with. I hope that I can die peacefully one day, still being a Muslim and maybe gain a place in heaven. 

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