Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kenny Rogers Roasters, Mid Valley Megamall

Today, Nateesha, Shafik, Alexs Nuk and Alyph managed to finish their "Falsafah Pendidikan" assignment and they we were so hungry as they have it done at 3PM in the afternoon. I joined the crowd and headed straight to Mid Valley Megamall because we wanted to eat at Nandos actually but there were so many people there. We went to Kenny Rogers Roasters at last but we had the best time celebrating Alyph's birthday there. Yes, he has reached 20 years old already, congrats! Enjoy the pictures people.

The art of Kenny Rogers Roasters, I took this picture okay!

I love the brick wall behind so much that I couldn't resist to ask Alyph to capture my picture. 

The sweet couple, Shafik and Nateesha.

Mr Alexs Nuk and his chicken.

Mr Alyph, the birthday boy! He is posing with his new hair style as well!

Miss Nateesha with her free meal. Why was it free? Ask Shafik!

Nurr Shafik who knows how to tackle Nateesha with his cute look. Really???

This is my breakfast,

and this is my lunch! 

Sorry people, I eat a lot lately!

Alyph's autumn drink.

Our cute muffins.

My tummy is very happy today, I think I am ready for another food hunt! Yea, bring me anywhere guys and girls!


apple damein said...

suddenly alif looks like people from foreign country...

Azham Vosovic said...

Hey cikgu....thanks for the visit... hehehe, Alyph looks hotter! hehehe

~aisya~ said...

wahhhhh~ my fav!!!!grrrrrr~ kirim salam kat pacik kenny rogers k.. :p

Azham Vosovic said...

hehehe, saja nak tanya soalan sensitip.... kat sana tak jumpa Kenny Rogers ker? hehehe