Sunday, March 20, 2011

KFC Jalan University

We reward ourselves with food each time we manage to get our assignments done. Yes, 5 assignments in one week so that means 5 times out to eat and enjoy the days. Yesterday was the time for "Kemahiran Berfikir" assignment so we went out to eat at KFC Jalan University, near University of Malaya. Thanks to the driver, Miss Nateesha for driving us there. Enjoy the meals pictures people!

Miss Nateesha, the girl with a newly-rebonded hair. She's a tough driver as well, say no to road bullies!

This is Nurr Shafik, Nateesha's co-driver plus her boy friend. Yes, he's taken so JB and girls out there, watch out hehehe.

This is Alaina, the girl who played the role as Mak Siti in our video presentation. I will upload the video later and see our talents okay?

Alexs Nuk, the person-in-charge of my body weight now. Yes, I am getting fatter and bigger people, that scares me a lot!

This is what I had yesterday, no chicken at all because I am getting sick of it already. Oh wait, that one is a Zinger burger with chicken, oh no!

It will always be the tall, dark and handsome Azham Vosovic. Well, I have my tanning session once in a week in Bangsar Sports Complex while I go there to swim. 

P/S: Dear my seniors in UK; Kak Aisya, Kak Shap, mommy Huijia, Yusry, Sis Dyana, Sis Norfa and Sis MiraLee, come back to Malaysia if you miss the food here, especially KFC and McD...hehehe.


Nikel Khor said...

wah.. nearby me...

Azham Vosovic said...

YEa I know... you're in UM rite? hehehe

NorFa NFMD said...

ok,KFC!!!!craving for it!!!wuwuwuwuwuw!T.T

Azham Vosovic said...

Sis Norfa: mission accomplished hahaha! Managed to make you guys crave for it! hehehe