Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fever and Flu; all around Kuala Lumpur

Patient's name: Adibah Khalidah
Sicknesses: Fever, flu and coughing.

The Tumblrian who got sick: Adibah Khalidah.

Poor her...

But she didn't want to eat.

Oklah, she ate that "pau" finally.

Mr Shafik, our driver and Miss Farah Michaels, the health consultant.

Mr Vosovic with lots of food. Yeah, we bought a lot of food because there was such a long queue in PPUM. We ate, we laugh and we talked like nobody's business. Lot's of Diba's relatives were there too, hehehe...

Diba, Shafik and Farah. We had fun there right? We stayed up until 1 AM and went to places around Kuala Lumpur. Yes, we did! 

Somewhere near Little India, Brickfields.

Dataran Merdeka

Love the lights.

We reached IPBA at about 2 PM because we have the permission from the guards to come back a bit late. That explains why we went all around Kuala Lumpur at night even though Adibah fall sick. She's so "sempoi"!


SizZLing SuZai said...

hi azham..lamo xmai cni kn...jgn marah erk "^^ mmg busy tau sempat update blog i jer..hehehehe

eh plg penting, ckp kat diba smoga cpat sembuh n happy slalu ^^

Azham Vosovic said...

Tak marah la Suzai... hehe, i pun da jarang blog walking ni.. internet sgt lembab huhuhu....ok nanti I bgtau Diba yea.. hehehe

Suhami Ahmad said...

wah, even one of ur are sicked, but still jalan2 cari makan ya!

Azham Vosovic said...

Harus.... we enjoy our teenage years... nanti da besar da x leh hang out lagi dah... huhuhuh