Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Making of KOSONG

 Guitar Empire, 
Endah Parade Sri Petaling.

Those who have read this would know what this blog post would be about. Sorry for the delay because I have been busy with tests and assignments but not tonight. Yes, I am sure some of you have listened to Najwa Latif's latest single entitled "Kosong" right?


Well I am actually kind of involved in the music video after somebody invited me via twitter. I emailed my details then I got it, my nationwide debut on Youtube and television screen!

Do not get me wrong okay; I am just one of the many extra casts for Najwa Latif's concert scene but I believe that it is a great start.

These are other extra casts for this scene and most of them are still young; seriously I felt old and awkward there hahaha. We gathered at 4 PM in the music store but the recording only started at 6PM; luckily we were served with food and drinks there. 

I made friends with other extras as well, Hajar and Lynda while waiting for the crew to assemble their equipment. Hajar (left) is a freelance worker for Tayangan Unggul and she knows a lot of gossips among Malaysian artists! Lynda (right) is a Form 5 student and it has been her second time filming for Najwa Latif's music video; the first was for the song "Sahabat" in Bukit Bintang.


Our job is simple; to be the "crowd" at Najwa's concert but that also needs a lot of concentration since we cannot look at the camera! It was hard for me because I always ended up looking directly to the camera; lame...I know!

It took us nearly half an hour to shoot one scene for the "crowd" so now I know that acting and filming is not easy! For this part, we had to imagine that Najwa Latif was performing on stage with the camera recording our faces; we cannot look at the camera at all!


Then finally the scene with the real Najwa Latif on stage; the director took few shots and I deliberately put myself on the front row on Najwa's right side despite my height. The lyric of the song is simple so I had no problem singing the song.

Najwa Latif is so cute and her attitude matches her age and personality; she even addressed all of us as her friends and not fans. 

Insyaallah if the music video is finally released then I will share it here. Please do not expect too much okay; there probably  be no sign of me in the video at all. As I have said earlier; I am just an extra cast for the video clip. 

The shooting ends at about 9 PM then I rushed back to UPM; I am thankful to Allah for giving me the chance to be a part of the music video. I don't care if it is just a small role but the experience is what matters. At least I could tell my kids all sorts of things that I have done in my life and how I Dare to Dream ;)


Venue               : tempat
Delay               : penangguhan
Nationwide          : seluruh negara
Debut               : kemunculan pertama
Extra cast          : pelakon tambahan
Awkward             : kekok
Gathered            : berkumpul
Assemble            : memasang
Equipment           : peralatan
Freelance worker    : pekerja bebas
Crowd               : orang ramai/penonton
Concentration       : tumpuan
Deliberately        : sengaja
Despite             : walaupun
Addressed           : menyapa
Released            : dikeluarkan
Rushed              : bergegas

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Next Station: Kuala Lumpur

Spent last Sunday with my favorite people all around Kuala Lumpur; we rode our bikes from UPM Serdang courageously like the road is ours.

First stop: Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya

Diba wanted to finish her Book Vouchers at BookXcess and she took two freaking hours to finish shopping. I don't blame her; there are too many good books sold for a really cheap price at BookXcess! There was a flea market at Amcorp Mall too so she was selecting buttons/badges for herself in this photo.

Second stop: Mid Valley Megamall

The girls (Diba and Lea) went shopping for a new blouse so the guys (Azam and Azham) had to stray elsewhere. Then I remembered that there is a branch of Country's Tidbits and Candies Cottage opposite Burger King where the customers can taste the varieties of local "asam", candies and snacks! Azam and I spent half an hour tasting all of the "asam" and snacks there, so delicious!

Next station: KLCC

Azam and Diba at KLCC's Food Court; both of them really love "mee kari" and Laksa Penang here! 

Oh yeah, I bought a slice of Rainbow Cake at Amcorp Mall comprising of seven different colors and tastes! I am in love with this cake because it is too cute; sayang nak makan!

Lea and me; I miss this place so much because I always come here to study last semester in the noise of the crowd. Seriously, that is when I can focus more on my reading compared to studying in a really quiet environment.

Yes, Kuala Lumpur and its view that all of us in UPM truly miss. Serdang? The food is cheaper here obviously, the environment is much serene and greener but KL is still my city. Okay fine, I share this city with the others as well hahaha ;)


Rode           : telah menunggang
Courageously   : dengan beraninya
Flea market    : pasar lambak
Stray          : merayau
Elsewhere      : di tempat lain
Comprising     : terdiri daripada
Serene         : tenang

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is fictional ;)

My FB status:
"Terselamat dalam cubaan bunuh Azham Vosovic sebab ada orang curi skru nombor plat motor; nampaknya semester depan kena upah pengawal peribadi".

Yes it happened; I got a call from a friend that there was an unknown man standing near my bike this morning. My friend saw him touching the rear part of my motorbike so I rushed to the parking area immediately. I observed the guy with my sharp eyes; he tried to unscrew the bike's registration plate so I touched his right shoulder. He has such a curly hair, with a dirty face probably had not bathed for days. I grabbed his t-shirt and dragged him to a more secluded place and started interrogating.

He said that he wanted the alloy screw for his bike; I told him that whatever he did is not right. I was once so desperate too that I did things I could not tell; but now I have changed. I let him have my alloy screw and I gave him 5 ringgit for lunch; I know that he was hungry, or had been hungry. Then I realized something so ironic that if a person can steal such a small and priceless screw...then what more a big bike means to a bad guy like him right? I don't know; the world is getting more weird and weirder...we are going back to being primitive so I need a bodyguard next semester ;)


Happened            : telah berlaku
Unknown             : tidak dikenali
Touching            : menyentuh
Rear                : belakang
Rushed              : bergegas
Unscrew             : membuka skru
Registration plate  : nombor plat pendaftaran
Shoulder            : bahu
Curly               : kerinting
Had not bathed      : tidak mandi
Grabbed             : menarik
Dragged             : mengheret
Secluded            : tersembunyi
Desperate           : terdesak
Weirder             : semakin pelik
Primitive           : primitif/kurang pengetahuan

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Power Rangers

This may sound a bit emotional ;)


"Selamat Hari Polis Malaysia ke-205" to my mum and dad in Penang who are probably working at this hour, my grandfather in Kelantan who is a police retiree and to my uncle and auntie who are a couple of police officers too. Alhamdulillah, I am proud to be a part of a big family of police; I don't care what the society thinks about "police" because they never know things. 

They never know how sometimes my parents had to leave me with my younger siblings at home when they had to join various operations in order to keep the country safe; I was only a small boy back then. They never know that sometimes my parents had no time to check on their children because they were too busy solving crimes; that was a really long time ago when I thought that my mum and dad were like the Power Rangers. From inside the room I prayed for my parents' safety; then when I grew up I realized that they are in a far greater threat--the society.

I am just disappointed with some of the people around me who keep on blaming the police whenever an issue or controversy arises. They talked so much like they are so perfect and it hurts my feelings; not every police in Malaysia is corrupted, some are truly honest in carrying out their duties. I don't know...since today is the "Malaysian Police Day" so I believe that they deserve a break. Let us see what will happen to this country when the police is not around okay? I hope that the people who talks so much can prove me that he or she can do better in protecting the country; "complaint" is their middle name anyway, pun intended!

To my "Power Rangers" in Malaysia, keep your head held high and never let anybody downgrade your effort and contribution. I am here with a great big hug for all of you; because every Power Ranger character has a die-hard fan and that it me ;)


Police retiree       : pesara polis
Police officers      : pegawai polis
Siblings             : adik-beradik
Various operations   : pelbagai operasi
Solving crimes       : menyelesaikan jenayah
Greater threat       : ancaman lebih besar
Blaming              : menyalahkan
Arises               : timbul
Corrupted            : tidak jujur
Carrying out         : menjalankan tugas
Break                : rehat
Head held high       : jangan gentar
Downgrade            : merendah-rendahkan
Effort               : usaha
Contribution         : sumbangan
Die-hard fan         : peminat setia

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Short Conversation

:This is fictional: 

-Background Music-
Berhenti Berharap by Sheila on 7


I have been strong for too long; when I started crying this evening I realized that all of the pressure has been lifted off my chest. Thank you Allah for letting me the chance to flood my eyes, ease the pain and to finally cleared my mind off these worldly matters. I am so glad that I am still the human who feels pain, unlike other robots who keep on playing with the beat of your fragile hearts.

I don't know why I cried; was that a result of a continuous pressure from "them" or just a sense of loneliness? Maybe I am lonely with my male friends in a truly different continent and my female friends...they are females. Such a coincidence that this Sheila on 7 song was playing on my playlist and alone on top of the hill, I let it all out; I swear that I really cried.

I asked Allah, "Why me?" and that was a truly short conversation between Him and I. I though that He was not listening since the answers were not clear to me; just pitch black clouds gathering for the feast of the season. Soon after that I felt raindrops on my face and moments later the grounds were soaked wet in the water.

That was the sign that the world was crying too, and I realized that Allah listened to my whimpers. That was the truly vivid indication that I am not alone in this world; I should wipe the tears and live my life once more time. Yes, it was college matters and that was why I flooded my eyes but suddenly I remembered what my lecturer used to say, "Hukum Allah pun orang langgar, inikan pula hukum manusia". Then I took a deep breath and continued running until the sun finally decided to leave the day.


Fictional         : rekaan
Lifted off        : diangkat/dibebaskan daripada
Chest             : dada
For letting       : kerana memberikan
To flood my eyes  : menangis
Ease              : meringankan
Worldly matters   : masalah dunia
Fragile           : rapuh
Continuous        : berterusan
Pressure          : tekanan
Loneliness        : keseorangan
Continent         : benua
Coincidence       : kebetulan
Playlist          : senarai lagu
Swear             : bersumpah
Conversation      : percakapan
Pitch black       : tersangat hitam
Gathering         : berkumpul
Feast             : keraian
Season            : musim
Raindrops         : titisan hujan
Grounds           : tanah
Soaked wet        : basah lencun
Whimpers          : rengekan
Vivid             : jelas
Indication        : petanda
Wipe the tears    : mengelap air mata

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Extra Cast


Done with the music video shooting for Najwa Latif's third single entitled "Kosong" at Endah Parade Sri Petaling yesterday. Imagine...the whole process took nearly 5 hours and I am only the extra cast for the video clip; I hope that it would turn out great though. I will update more about the making of "Kosong" by Najwa Latif in my next blog post so please anticipate that. By the way...I need a break but I have Mid Semester tests on Wednesday, so crazy right? Oh, what a blogger to do, just blog about it already ;)


Done        : selesai
Shooting    : penggambaran
Single      : lagu
Entitled    : bertajuk
Imagine     : bayangkan
Took        : mengambil 
Extra cast  : pelakon tambahan
Turn out    : menjadi
Great       : hebat
Anticipate  : nantikan
Break       : rehat

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dangerously Delicious

This is not an advertorial to promote this McDelicious brand ;)

McValue Lunch (top) and McValue Dinner (bottom).

I was a big spender of all sorts of fast food restaurant chains in Malaysia until I realized that McDee and Kepsi (to name a few) are not good for my health, really. Yeap...too much use of salt, sugar, preservatives and "secret ingredients" that can harm your life, figuratively! And I am so stupid for only realizing the facts at the age of 20, hopefully it is not too late to start over. 

The temptation is irresistible; advertisers diligently promote their latest deals on TV commercials and websites which later seduce us into buying their products. We have the biggest purchasing power for the industry players and that is why they need our interests. Look at the promotions being held at these fast food restaurants; the free gifts and discounted meals just to desperately keep us coming! 

Fast foods are dangerously delicious; it contributes to the inclination of obesity cases among kids, teenagers and adults. Then please tell me how many of you are aware of the taxes we have to pay and the service charge that is sometimes ridiculously expensive? I am aware and I am not happy; that is why I want to try my best to opt for an actual diet. I have promised myself to stay away from fast food restaurants and eat some slow but real food. Yeap...slow but a really real food ;)


Advertorial        : iklan
Big spender        : boros/berbelanja besar
Fast food          : makanan segera
Restaurant chains  : rangkaian restoran
Realized           : sedar
To name a few      : untuk menamakan beberapa
Use                : penggunaan
Preservatives      : Pengawet
Secret ingredients : bahan-bahan rahsia
Harm               : membahayakan
Figuratively       : secara kiasannya
Start over         : memulakan semula
Temptation         : godaan
Irresistible       : tidak boleh dilawan
Advertisers        : pengiklan
Diligently         : tekun/rajin
Deals              : tawaran
TV commercials     : iklan TV
Seduce             : menggoda/menarik
Purchasing power   : kuasa membeli
Industry players   : pemain industi (syarikat)
Interests          : minat
Free gifts         : hadiah percuma
Discounted meals   : hidangan yang diberi diskaun
Desperately        : dengan terdesaknya
Contributes        : menyumbang
Inclination        : penambahan/kenaikan
Cases              : kes-kes
Aware              : sedar
Taxes              : cukai-cukai
Service charge     : caj perkhidmatan
Ridiculously       : tak masuk akal
Expensive          : mahal
To opt             : untuk mencari/memilih
Actual diet        : makanan sebenar

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


RP much?? Lol (Taken with instagram) 

I am not a religious plastic even though I carry this book around the college; no intention to show off the angelic side of Azham Vosovic actually. I bought the book using the RM 200 1Malaysia book voucher because I believe that this is a good start to nurture reading habit within myself. I bought other books as well and I must say that reading has been my pastime now. It is hard to believe that reading is actually addictive; like a drug to an addict of knowledge and education. 

I have a particular spot to read books too...at the cafe inside the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication because I feel that I belong to the place. The faculty and the people involved has produced top journalists and TV/Radio personalities in Malaysia but me, sadly is. I love to be around the circle of the students of mass communication, broadcasting and journalism and somehow I feel like I am doing the wrong course in UPM. 

Some of you would never know that I still have another unfulfilled dream which is to becoming a TV presenter or at least a journalist. I am not looking for fame in whatever plans I have in life but merely self-satisfaction; blogging is the nearest thing to journalism and I am enjoying every bittersweet moment of writing. I believe that I have the right to pave my way to my dreams and when the moments come I would appreciate your supports and prayers, nothing much. 



Religious plastic    : orang yang berlagak alim
Intention            : niat
Show off             : menunjuk-nunjuk
Angelic side         : sisi baik/Malaikat
Bought               : telah membeli
Nurture              : memupuk
Reading habit        : tabiat membaca
Within myself        : dalam diri sendiri
Pastime              : hobi
Addictive            : ketagihan
Addict               : penagih
Particular           : tertentu
Spot                 : tempat
Belong               : kepunyaan
Produces             : menghasilkan
Journalists          : wartawan-wartawan
But me               : tapi bukan saya
Sadly is             : sangat menyedihkan
Around the circle    : dalam lingkungan
Mass communication   : komunikasi massa
Broadcasting         : penyiaran
Journalism           : kewartawanan
Somehow              : entah bagaimana
Unfulfilled dream    : impian tidak kesampaian
To becoming          : untuk menjadi
Fame                 : kemasyhuran
Merely               : semata-mata
Self-satisfaction    : kepuasan diri
Bittersweet moment   : zaman pahit manis
Pave my way          : merintis jalan saya
Supports             : sokongan
Prayers              : doa
Dare to dream        : berani untuk mempunyai impian.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Laksa Story

May result in all of you drooling by the end of this blog post ;)

Laksa Ipoh (top photo) vs. Laksa Penang (bottom picture); which is the best laksa ever people? Well I feel so blessed to be living in Malaysia because we have all sorts of food varieties. We have various kinds of laksa in Malaysia-Laksa Kedah, Laksa Kelantan, Laksa Johor and Laksa Sarawak (to name a few) and these laksas are super-scrumptious and cheap too! Please...if you tell me you have not tasted laksa ever in your life then maybe you have to consider applying another country's citizenship (joking!). 

I am a big fan of Laksa Kelantan (famously known as "laksam") since my mother is from Kelantan and she encourages her three children to taste Kelantanese food which are actually delicious! I always hunt for the original laksam whenever I go back to my mother's hometown in Wakaf Bharu; and I can finish three bowls of laksam in a short minute actually!

Last week I tried Laksa Ipoh in Mid Valley and trust me that it is also tasty (see the top photo for reference). Please head on to the Food Court at Level 3 Jusco but the price for a bowl of laksa is quite costly; might as well go to Ipoh and taste the original laksa ;)

And being a Northerner (raised in Kedah and now my parents are staying in Penang) actually influences my appetite; I love spicy food especially curries and sambals but my tummy is not really tolerant to the spiciness of the meal. Okay...back to my laksa story; Laksa Penang and Kedah is a bit sour due to the use of asam gelugor in the cooking process (see the photo at the bottom for reference). I am no cooking expert so maybe other Northerners would help me out with the recipe?

P/S: I would love to try Laksa Johor and Sarawak. Anybody care to bring me to any cafe/restaurant serving these laksas?


May                   : mungkin
Drooling              : melelehkan air liur
Blessed               : bertuah
All sorts             : segala macam
Food varieties        : kepelbagaian makanan
Various kinds         : pelbagai jenis
To name a few         : untuk menamakan beberapa
Scrumptious           : sedap/lazat
Consider              : mempertimbangkan
Country               : negara
Applying              : memohon
Citizenship           : kewarganegaraan
Famously known        : sangat terkenal
Encourages            : menggalakkan
Kelantanese food      : masakan Kelantan
Hometown              : kampung halaman
Quite costly          : agak mahal
Might as well         : mungkin juga
Northerner            : Orang Utara
Raised                : dibesarkan
Influences            : mempengaruhi
Appetite              : selera
Spiciness             : kepedasan
Tamarind              : asam jawa

Friday, March 9, 2012


I learnt my lesson yesterday; if you don't have a class for two days in a row just stay inside your room and do a proper revision! Yes...I planned on going to Mid Valley for karaoke-ing session but suddenly my bike's engine stopped functioning in the middle of the highway when I was on my way there. The tank was full and not terrible enough with the situation, the bike's alarm does not want to stop "shouting" and I knew that there was something wrong. After a few effortless trials, the engine starts to roar again so quickly I took the bike to the mechanics. He said that there was a short circuit in the bike's alarm system so he had to remove it. The total cost of the damage was only RM 20 but my pride is far more expensive. I cancelled my outing with the girls...what a disillusionment but I am glad that the bike undergone such a successful operation. I am thankful to Allah that at least I did not have to push the bike alone on the highway; thank you Allah for making the bike sober again!


Learnt             : mempelajari
Lesson             : pengajaran
In a row           : berturut-turut
Proper             : betul
Revision           : ulang kaji
Terrible           : teruk
Effortless         : tanpa tenaga
Trials             : percubaan
Roar               : mengaum
Short circuit      : litar pintas
Damage             : kerosakan
Pride              : harga diri
Disillusionment    : kehampaan
Undergone          : menjalani
Operation          : pembedahan
Sober              : sedar

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Medicinal Ecstasy

Reader's discretion is advised

I read that most university students are involved in the abuse of drugs and pills on campus and one of the popular pills is the ecstasy. Well, I guess that I am one of them now! Believe it or not...I sell "medicinal ecstasy" to boost your immune system and all of these pills are approved by Pusat Kesihatan Universiti, really! 

The pills in white colour is to fight fever and headache while the one in light orange is for Vitamin C. The pills in blue colour is for sore throat and the yellow pills is the painkiller! All of these drugs are legal and seriously efficient in making you feel better! Feel free to inbox me for further details and I will guide you on how to getting those pills. Remember, do not let the authorities find out the truth or my business will be at ruin! You help me and I will help you too people ;)


Reader's discretion : pertimbangan pembaca
Abuse               : penyalahgunaan
Boost               : meningkatkan
Immune system       : system pertahanan badan
Approved            : diluluskan
Sore throat         : sakit tekak
Painkiller          : ubat tahan sakit
Legal               : sah
Authorities         : pihak berkuasa
Ruin                : musnah, rosak.