Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Medical Leave

 My very first medical leave, a big bottle of Bena Expectorant, Troches Lozenges, Panadol Actifast, hand sanitizer and also a sexy raspy voice. I am typing this blog post from this lonely top floor of my college when all of my friends are attending classes under hot summer sunshine! Yes, I am suffering from the uncertain weather in the University of Malaysian Prince; sun-rays can literally burn your skin and it rains sometimes at night. I really need a breather because this place has been quite a tough challenge for myself and friends, so I have my leave today to rejuvenate my body.

For Theater and Stage Drama class this Saturday, I will have to interpret the song "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce in my own creative way, narrate a story line based on the lyrics and tell my audience about it. Insyaallah if I am well on that day I will get my performance recorded for your viewing pleasure alright? Okay...I am supposed to take my drugs (medicine) and lie down on my bed right now. I will just be the lazybones today; will ask my roommate to buy my lunch, massage my head, boil a truly warm water for shower and just sleep. I am a prince in this varsity, just don't uncover the truth okay?


Medical leave       : surat cuti sakit
Bena Expectorant    : ubat batuk
Toches Lozenges     : ubat sakit tekak
Hand sanitizer      : pembersih tangan
Raspy voice         : suara serak
Hot summer sunshine : sinaran matahari musim panas
Suffering           : menderita
Uncertain weather   : cuaca yang tidak menetu
Sun-rays            : sinaran matahari
Literally           :secara harfiahnya
A breather          : berehat sebentar
Rejuvenate          : memanjakan
Interpret           : menafsir
Narrate             : menceritakan
Lazybones           : pemalas
Varsity             : university
Uncover             : membocorkan 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Safe and Sound

:Background Music:
Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift

Life is like a wheel of fortune; one day you own the throne and the next day you have to step down the hierarchy. This is what I am feeling right now on top of this building and I believe that most of my friends are in my worn out shoes too. We were the Year 2 seniors in our previous college, respected but right now we are back to being the freshmen. It is so scary especially to a student like me who has never been to a real hostel setting at all. 

So here am I, dragging this record book around with hopes to collecting merits in order to stay in next semester. I don't know whether I should stay in or not because it is too early to judge; I will wait for the sign from Allah The Almighty. To be positive, I will always keep an open heart to joining the activities my college mates have planned and will give the best of my contribution. 

This is the only chance to experience university lifestyles and I will lose part of it if I rent a room outside. I am so sad, most of my IPG friends are planning to rent a house nearby already and I have not given a deep thought about it yet. Insyaallah...this is my decision so far that I will stay in this college and endure whatever challenges God is giving me. Hopefully, Allah will bless me with a stronger mind and heart to face this stage of my studying life. 

Ya Allah...this is my humble request for you; please keep me safe and sound here away from any distraction and harmful threats. I want this so bad, I want to study here so well and I want to get my degree done. Bless two years of my journey abroad Ya Allah, I beseech for a better mental health and safety from you. I know that I demand for so many things yet I have not proven anything to you right? You are The Most Merciful and I take advantage of that...I am truly sorry Ya Allah.

P/S: This is me consoling myself in this room alone when most of my male friends have left to other place so that they can get away with an activity tomorrow. And I am super mad at them; probably because they have fled or just because they did not include me in their plan? I don't know, I am just so angry!


Wheel of fortune: roda-roda kehidupan
Throne: takhta
Step down: turun
Hierarchy: tangga/kedudukan
Worn out: haus
Previous college: kolej terdahulu
Respected: dihormati
Freshmen: mahasiswa tahun pertama
Hostel setting: keadaan asrama
Allah the Almighty: Allah yang Maha Kuasa
To joining: untuk mengikuti
Endure: melalui
Distraction: ganguan
Harmful threats: ancaman berbahaya
Bless: rahmatilah
Beseech: memohon
Demand: meminta
Have not proven: masih tidak membuktikan
The Most Merciful: yang Maha Mengasihi
Consoling: menteteramkan
Have fled: telah melarikan diri

Friday, February 24, 2012

Four Seasons of Studies

Tired and tanned; went jogging at Taman Pertanian Universiti this evening and covered 1800+ steps of walking, thanks to Diba the Dibot's pedometer! I am a self-appointed fitness trainer for these ladies who target to lose weight in two years time, which I believe is achievable. The lady on the left is Amariah Lopez and the other one is Adibah Khalidah, both are my classmates in IPG and UPM. I am really harsh with the exercise and fitness regime; these ladies had experienced brutal training like the one done in the Biggest Loser show. 

We had an hour of brisk walking session and managed to view various interesting places in UPM. We walked past the cattle farm that I thought was the horse breeding area, so that was where the joke started. Seriously, the cows look like horses from afar so I excitedly screamed "Wah ada kuda!" but I was wrong! So both of them made fun of me "Oh, rupanya orang Kedah panggil "kuda" eyh?"

And about our tanning session in UPM, I must say that I have darker skin due to excessive walking from the so many venues under hot scorching sun. I do not use any form of umbrella because that is so not masculine in this varsity plus summer has just started so that explains the long daytime in this section of earth. I know that it is not easy living abroad; I have to deal with four seasons of awesomeness, insufficient sleep, food ration and terrible acne on my face. Yeap, I experience different climate too, the same as my seniors in United Kingdom of Dreams ;)

P/S: This is not complaining, I feel very thankful to Allah.


Tanned             : semakin gelap
Covered            : meliputi
Pedometer          : alat pengukur langkah
Self-appointed     : lantik sendiri
Achieveable        : boleh dicapai
Harsh              : teruk/kasar
Fitness regime     : rejim kecergasan
Brutal             : teruk
Brisk walking      : jalan pantas
Various            : pelbagai
Cattle farm        : ladang ternakan lembu
Horse breeding area: kawasan penternakan kuda
Afar               : dari jauh
Tanning session    : sesi menggelapkan diri
Excessive          : berlebihan
Varsity            : universiti
Summer             : musim panas
Long daytime       : waktu siang yang panjang
Living abroad      : tinggal di luar negara
Awesomeness        : kehebatan
Insufficient sleep : tidak cukup tidur
Food ration        : catuan makanan
Terrible           : teruk
Climate            : iklim

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Long Hiatus

I'm too tired I tell you; that explains the long hiatus on my online diary and the absence on everybody's blog this few days. I am truly sorry for not visiting your site yet; I have a pretty tight schedule and too big of a place to run here and there. Alhamdulillah, I am settled in at Kolej 2, University of Prince Malaysia (UPM) and an avid traveler from the Faculty of Educational Studies and the Faculty of Modern Language and Communication. 

I believe that I have lost so much weight even though I have only been here for two days and walk a lot too. I really hope that Allah will bless myself and friends with a better chance to study well, finer health condition and better relationship with friends and lecturers insyaallah. As I have mentioned here, this is the battle between the two of me; the hardworking ones and the sluggish self. I have 14 weeks to send my brain to classes, boil the finest ingredients of books and drink the potion on the night before the final examination. 

Alhamdulillah, I received the RM 200 1 Malaysia Book Vouchers this morning and planned on buying Tapis Volant for French class (I have to learn French language this semester, exciting!) and few other prescribed books. I have classes from Monday to Friday on scheduled time-slot and "Theatre and Stage Drama" on Saturday for my curriculum. Acting or directing is one of my passion in life too so hopefully I can perform well and Sunday is my time off (hopefully I can join blogging events this semester).

Alright, that is all from Azham Vosovic tonight! I have two years of "vacation" here and insyaallah I can share a lot of stories on this purple-black blog okay? I will drop by at your blogs on Saturday  insyaallah as my Celcom broadband is kind of sick at the moment (the time of the month). Take care and God bless...


The long hiatus        : tiada khabar berita
This few days          : sejak kebelakangan ini
Tight                  : ketat
Schedule               : jadual
Settled in             : menetap di
Avid traveller         : pengembara yang patuh
Sluggish               : pemalas
Finest ingredients     : ramuan terbaik
Potion                 : ubat/ minuman 
Prescribed books       : buku-buku yang ditetapkan
Scheduled time-slot    : waktu yang ditetapkan
Time off               : waktu cuti/rehat

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Runaway Project!

:Background Music:
Wanna be on top? by Tyra Banks

The few final days at home after a long semester break will always be the disheartening ones; I am already feeling the distance. I am packed for a new environment but my heart is not; it is so sad to leave my family for months. I don't know when I can come home to see their face again because life abroad is too tough; I don't know what I know and I don't know what I don't know too. Life has been a bit complicated although the outer sight of it states differently. 

So here I am, dragging my horse on my own battlefield. This is the war I started between the two of me; the hardworking ones and the sluggish self. I don't know...maybe if I have multiple identities one of it would actually study right? 

Then I heard our student advisor saying, "Good luck everybody as your new semester of Runaway Project has begun. You have four months to send your brain to the class and library then the university's examination hall. The winning student would be featured in so many magazines on top of my social ranking and those who are not, are out. I will see everybody on the runway...I mean the graduation day!".


Disheartening           : menyedihkan
Distance                : jarak
Months                  : berbulan-bulan
Abroad                  : luar negara
Complicated             : rumit
Sight                   : pandangan
Dragging                : mengheret
Battlefield             : medan perang
Sluggish                : pemalas
Multiple                : pelbagai
Featured                : dipaparkan
Social ranking          : kedudukan sosial
Runway                  : landasan 
Graduation day          : hari graduasi

Friday, February 17, 2012

Confused Identity

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Florence + The Machines-Shake It Out

Sometimes what I wrote in my blog is not how it seems. I gave a sorrow life some fusion of colours and twisted a happy life with torment words and misery--that is the beauty of what a writer can do, lies in the imagination and the blend of superficial thinking. I admit that some of my writings are not true, that I fake some of the relationships embedded in this blog. I am not that decent okay; I write most of my writings in my point of view although I am in no way connected to the story. 

That is what bothers me, that some of the stories are made up just for your reading pleasure. I wish that whatever written here is real and I don't have to counterfeit anything to anyone anymore. Some of you would feel misguided right so let me clear this; I am sad because of the artificiality in my writing. 

I have become the blogger who had lost his self; I care for my blog's traffic, my earning and the number of followers. I have stopped writing for myself, my language practice and poetry; I have strayed too far I need a reverse or some kind of a do-over. Excuse me people, I confused everybody in the making of my own identity.


Seems           : nampak
Sorrow          : kesedihan
Fusion          : gabungan
Twisted         : menukar
Torment         : seksaan
Writings        : penulisan
Misery          : kesusahan
Lies            : terkandung
Blend           : ramuan
Superficial     : cetek
Admit           : mengaku
Embedded        : tersirat
Decent          : baik
Bothers         : mengganggu
Made up         : dibuat-buat
Counterfeit     : memalsukan
Misguided       : tertipu, tersesat
Artificiality   : kepalsuan
Self            : diri sendiri
Strayed         : tersesat
Do-over         : melakukan sesuatu kembali
Confused        : mengelirukan

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heartless Machine

:Background Music:
 Set Fire to the Rain-Adele

This is the reason why I don't want to be a human; because humans have feelings and they break people's heart occasionally. I believe that I should go back to being a heartless machine rather than dealing with emotions and mental breakdown due to this failed relationship. I wonder how other humans cope with their failure in love with no despair; why do they keep coming back ready to be hurt even more? 

I don't know; humans gave me hope and the next moment they crushed my dream like it never happened. Part of it was my fault, that I fell in love so easily and was caught in our almost perfect love stories. And I am not certain of my feelings now; either I am mad or just mere sadness of my condition? Maybe I am angry of my foolishness for letting go of my heart so fast, and sad for I have never gotten what I have expected. Screw love and relationships; one day I will be famous and that HUMAN would regret the decision's made. I will be armed with a stainless steel heart and promise to never love a human again; from now on I officially declare myself as a machine named Azham Vosovic. Get ready for my invasion people--who asked some of you to break my heart first right?


Occasionally            : sekali sekala
Heartless               : tiada perasaan
Mental breakdown        : gangguan mental
Failure                 : kegagalan
Despair                 : putus asa
Crushed                 : menghancurkan
Not certain             : tidak pasti
Mere                    : semata-mata
Sadness                 : kesedihan
Condition               : keadaan
Foolishness             : kebodohan
Letting go              : menyerahkan
Expected                : jangkakan
Armed                   : bersenjatakan
Stainless steel         : keluli tahan karat
Officially              : secara rasminya
Invasion                : pencerobohan

#Wordless Wednesday: The Food Machine

Monday, February 13, 2012

State Assemblyman

Yesterday I had the most unimaginable dream that is totally creepy; I am actually one of the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) for one of the district in Johor since 2008. The political party that I am representing is not to be disclosed here but I saw my photos in the newspaper and read a description of my ruling there. I am not sure of the dream; is it telling me that one day I will hold a responsibility so difficult to handle? 

Well, I can't even debate in school and how am I going to take care of my people if I were the state assemblyman? Look at me; I am unstable, oversensitive and lead a carefree life. Being a leader is the utmost responsibility a human can ever hold; if you do not do well then hell awaits you. It needs courage and honesty to lead human beings and I believe that I am lack of the two qualities.


Unimaginable     : tidak dapat digambarkan
Creepy           : menyeramkan
District         : daerah
Representing     : mewakili
Disclosed        : dinyatakan
Ruling           : pemerintahan
Assemblyman      : wakil rakyat
Unstable         : tidak stabil
Oversensitive    : terlalu sensitif
Lead             : menjalani
Carefree         : riang/tiada tujuan
Utmost           : tidak terhingga
Awaits           : menanti
Courage          : keberanian
Honesty          : kejujuran
Human beings     : manusia

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fussy Neighbour

     I grew up in a community where everybody is concern of what everybody is doing; whether it is good or bad thing I shall not elaborate on that yet. The neighbour on the right side of the house keeps yelling at her small children and there was a day I heard noises of a broken pottery; I hope that she did not hurt any of her children physically. The house on the left side however has a truly different story; the children keeps on quarreling day and night but the parents do nothing at all to keep their voices down. 

     Sometimes my parents came back in the morning after their working shift at night wanted to have some peaceful sleep but our neighbours welcomed them with loud screaming and squeaking. I bet all of you will feel sorry on us as we are stuck in between those troublesome families but do not judge too early. Look at me, I spread their stories online to all of you so that makes me a fussy neighbour right? 

     I need to do this, I need to inform my neighbour on the right side of the house to treat their children nicely, talk to them in no dictatorial manner before they vent out their anger to their parents; trust me that it happens on the TV most of the time. And to the neighbour on the left side, please be firmer to your kids or they will just grow up and be a spoiled brat, really. To myself as the neighbour in the middle of this catastrophe, please be more tolerate as you are not living in this world alone! 

     The issue is simple; things will be settled when we start to talk to each other rather than about each other. Do all of you get me?  Instead of pointing fingers blaming each other, why don't all of you speak the truth even if your voice shakes? At least you communicate your emotions in a right way and insyaallah you will find a way. That's all for my article today, take care and God bless.

P/S: If only my neighbours read my blog ;)


Fussy               : cerewet
Neighbour           : jiran
Concern             : prihatin
Elaborate           : huraikan
Yelling             : menjerit
Pottery             : tembikar
Quarreling          : bertengkar
Welcomed            : menyambut
Screaming           : jeritan
Squeaking           : bunyi keriut/bising
Stuck               : tersepit
Troublesome         : bermasalah
Jugde               : menghukum
Spread              : menyebarkan
Dictatorial         : mengarah
Manner              : perbuatan
Vent out            : melepaskan perasaan
Firmer              : lebih tegas
Spoiled brat        : anak manja
Catastrophe         : bencana
Tolerate            : bertoleransi

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Study Smart ;)

Alhamdulillah, last semester's final examination result has been announced yesterday and I can finally smile a bit broader this time. I am very thankful to Allah for the result and insyaallah I will work on the Dean's List next semester. I heard that only students who received GPA of 3.75 and above will be famously featured in the Dean's List in UPM, so I am quite far away actually. 

Come to think about it, I am happy with my decision to quit blogging for twelve days and focus on reading actual books and notes. Finally I used up some beneficial time to revise with my friends or just reading the notes inside the musolla in KLCC. Then when studying gets tough, I went to Pavilion and hunt for skinny jeans although I was supposed to sit for my first paper on the next day! Yeah, in the middle of the examination week too I went for 8TV 8th Anniversary in One Utama, crazy right? Wonder what would happen if I was kidnapped there or probably lost my memory?

My tips are just simple; assign few friends of yours to study some chapters then gather around and discuss the topics. I figured that this method is very useful especially when it comes to memorizing theories and comprehending concepts. However, if you need some peace and tranquility please head on to the library and lock yourself in one of the private rooms there. It all depends on your personal studying style, insyaallah if you study smart then you will get an excellent result according to your effort. Please do not give up, let it all out to Allah because He is the all-hearing. That is all my studying tips, all the best guys and girls!


Announced              : diumumkan
Broader                : lebih lebar
Thankful               : bersyukur
Beneficial             : berfaedah
Revise                 : mengulangkaji
Chapters               : bab-bab
Gather                 : berkumpul
Figured                : mendapati
Comprehending          : memahami
Tranquility            : ketenangan
The all-hearing        : Maha Mendengar

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hap-Penang: The Cruise

Hap-Penang is a specially-created term for Pulau Pinang that means "the happening Penang" in Azham Vosovic's dictionary ;)

Click here for Part 2 of my Penang trip.

We had our late lunch at Batu Ferringhi and stroll around the beach for a while. The beach is wonderful and I felt like taking a swim but too bad I was not in a proper attire. 

Suddenly it was time for all of us to leave the island and headed to the mainland. I drove back to the city and in less than half an hour we managed to park ourselves inside THE CRUISE. 

Oh yeah, we were on the upper deck of the ferry and the last on the line actually. Alhamdulillah that there was a spot for my dad's car on the ferry so once the ferry started moving we all went out to enjoy the breeze.

For those out there who have not been to Pulau Pinang yet, there will be NO CHARGE if you take the ferry from the island to the mainland. However, each car will be charged RM 7.70 if you choose to travel from the mainland to the island (different charges will apply on different types of vehicle).

However, the charge is RM 7.00 for each car if you use Jambatan Pulau Pinang to the island part of Pulau Pinang. To Touch&Go users who bought their cards in Penang, you will be charged only RM 5.50 if you travel via the bridge to the island; I have tested this theory and it is proven true! My dad told me this secret but those who bought their T&G out of Penang, the charge is still RM 7.00, right Penangites?

What I love about the ferry is that we can walk around it, and see the lower deck plus there are toilets on it, so no worries. This is certainly another chance for all of you to view Pulau Pinang in a different perspective, on a CRUISE!

Pulau Pinang

Insyaallah next time, I want to sail with Star Cruise Libra from Penang to open seas on one night (from 6 PM-10 AM) because it is only RM 150 per pax with a cabin! For no cabin, it is only RM 110 with dinner and breakfast included on the ship. You guys and girls can go shopping, swimming in the pool, relax in the jacuzzi, watch movies in its own cinema or probably just enjoying the breeze of the sea and wait for sunrise the next morning, cool right!

I think that marks the end of my Penang trip this time and I am so thankful to Allah for giving me the chance to go on a short vacation before my new semester starts. Our final examination result is going to be announced soon so I hope that all of you can pray for the best of it. Insyaallah, I have struggled enough and put my greatest effort for every paper so hopefully the result will turn out well, AMIN!

:Glossary (according to the context of the words):

Cruise             : pelayaran
Stroll around      : bersiar-siar di sekitar
Proper             : bersesuaian
Headed             : menuju
Breeze             : bayu
Mainland           : tanah besar
Charged            : dikenakan bayaran
However            : walau bagaimanapun
Penangites         : orang-orang Pulau Pinang
Lower deck         : pelantar bawah
Certainly          : sememangnya
Perspective        : pandangan
Sail               : belayar
Open seas          : laut lepas
Sunrise            : matahari terbit
Vacation           : percutian
Struggled          : berhempas-pulas

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hap-Penang: Taman Botani

Hap-Penang is a specially-created term for Pulau Pinang that means "the happening Penang" in Azham Vosovic's dictionary ;)

Click here for Part 1 of my Hap-Penang Trip. 

Okay, right after we went roller skating at Queensbay Mall, I drove to Taman Botani Pulau Pinang. It took around 15 minutes of driving since the traffic is quite clear and signboards are available so there was no trouble getting here. 

Taman Botani is well-managed by Jabatan Taman Botani as I see no rubbish anywhere in the park and the plants are also taken care of. Maybe our Malaysians/tourists mentalities has changed and became more concern of our Mother Nature, bravo people!

Here at Taman Botani, I suggest all of you to ride this "train" at a reasonable price because this is a large compound. Maybe it would comfort those travelling with kids and a big number of families. 

The scenery here is so calming; there are big trees shading the sunlight, a stream of river and a waterfall too.

I feel so blessed to witness this evergreen scenery; the tall trees, chirping of the birds, buzzes of insects and the so rich flora and fauna.
I remember one proverb: "We do not inherit this nature from our ancestors but we borrow it from our future generations". 

It is so true; what is borrowed must be returned to the owner in its original condition. If we appreciate our nature now, I believe that our children one day can still enjoy the undisturbed environment right?

There are also various parks or houses of different types of plants. This one is Rumah Orkid and those houses/parks are open to public if I am not mistaken.

Rumah Paku Pakis, Rumah Begonia & Bromeliad, Taman Herba and Taman Jepun. The plants here are very rare to some of us but we can improve our knowledge right?

Another interesting part of Taman Botani is, you guys and girls can take any of the trails available and climb up to Bukit Bendera (or Penang Hill for the locals). All you need is a proper hiking attire (and fitness) to reach the top of Bukit Bendera, I assure you that the view up there is scenic!

This is my sister and her friend taking a break under a tree since it was 1 PM in the afternoon and the sun was right up our head!

There are a lot of gazebos or shelters for tourist, so please use the facilities wisely. I strongly remind love couples to refrain from using these facilities for your extra-curricular activities okay? 

Then we pursued our journey until we reached this oldest water treatment plant in Malaysia. There is a pool up there but we were too lazy to climb up the stairs, so we missed out the best scenery.

This is the proof, click this photo to enlarge. 

Since it is a dry season in Penang at the moment, there are a little stream of water but hearing the flow of the stream is seriously soothing my mind.

For those who are not familiar with Taman Botani, this place is famous for the monkeys! This photo was taken at the stairs leading to the top of Bukit Bendera, and one of the visitors advised us not to go nearer.

These monkeys are very wild and they even bite! There used to be a lot of monkeys stealing visitors' food but there are less of them now. Wonder what happened to them?

The last time I went here was in 2000, with my family and we enjoyed feeding the monkeys. Actually, feeding animals in zoos or animal parks is prohibited as we may interrupt their diet and caused them to suffer from poisoning. 

This is a unique-looking plant, with fruits that look like a coconut or "limau bali". There are few other plants that we rarely see in the city and there is a lotus pond as well, so beautiful!

Taman Botani Pulau Pinang is surely an interesting place to visit. Kindly tag along your friends and family members here and teach them how to appreciate our nature. Yeah, entrance is FREE so what are you guys and girls waiting for?

Well-managed: diurus dengan baik
Thrown: dibuang
Mentalities: cara pemikiran
Concern: prihatin
Mother Nature: alam semulajadi
Suggest: mencadangkan
Reasonable: munasabah
Compound: kawasan
Comfort: menyenangkan
Calming: menenangkan
Shading: meneduhkan
Stream: aliran
Blessed: bertuah/dirahmati
Witness: menyaksikan
Evergreen: malar segar
Scenery: persekitaran
Chirping: kicauan
Buzzes: bunyi serangga
Proverb: peribahasa
Inherit: mewarisi
Ancestors: nenek moyang
Appreciate: menghargai
Undisturbed: tidak terganggu
Environment: alam sekitar
Various: pelbagai
Parks: taman-taman
Plants: tumbuhan
Rare: jarang
Trails: jejak/laluan
Hiking: mendaki
Fitness: kecergasan
Assure: menjamin
Snenic: Indah
Refrain: menghalang
Pursued: meneruskan
Water treatment plant: loji rawatan air
Dry season: musim kemarau
Soothing: menenangkan
Feeding: memberi makan
Prohibited: dilarang
Interrupt: mengganggu
Poisoning: keracunan
Tag along: ajak
Entrance: masuk

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hap-Penang Roller Skate

Hap-Penang is a specially created term for Pulau Pinang that means "the happening Penang" in Azham Vosovic's dictionary ;)

The map from my place to Queensbay Mall.
Salam Maulidur Rasul to all of my gorgeous and handsome blog readers...yes, you over there! How are you today, have you done something useful to spend this long public holiday wisely? Well I took the opportunity to visit Pulau Pinang (again!) yesterday with my sister and her friend. Although my family resides in Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai Utara but we rarely visit the island part of Pulau Pinang. I drove there and alhamdulillah the road was clear and the weather was fine.

My sister wanted to try roller skating on the third floor of this gigantic shopping mall-by-the-sea, Queensbay Mall so I just followed. I was not interested to skate at first but since there were not many skaters on the floor so I thought "Hey, why not?". 

:Price range for Roller Skate:
RM 18 for weekdays
RM 20 for weekends/public holidays
RM 3 for socks (if you do not have yours).

Luckily I have been a skater when I was in Standard 4 so I kind of acquired the skill well. It is just the same principle as ice-skating plus you will not wet your pants if you fell on the floor. I tried my best yesterday not to fall and drop my ego in front of everybody else because that would be so hurtful!

My sister Hidayah and her friend Arina.
They are on a short semester break so they stayed with us in Kepala Batas. It is my duty as a host to show our guest around the city so I hope she likes it. 

I was the self-appointed photographer, the driver and what else? Thank goodness that I am also the outgoing-type of person, so I enjoyed what I did.

This was their first fall, but they quickly got up and pretended like nothing happens. Way to go!

Basically, everybody will fall while skating, that is natural so nothing to be ashamed of. However, the floor is made of a unique material that will absorb impact of falling as well as allowing the skaters to slide gleefully! 

This is a seriously spacious skating hall that I believe can place more than few hundreds skaters at one time. There will be also loud music playing on the stereo so you guys and girls will never feel bored. 

Please take extra caution on highly-professional and skillful skaters as they are very fast! Who knows that they can hit anyone of you on such a high impact that will surely result in severe injury. Some part of the floor is uneven so please take care okay? Do not speed especially when you are a newbie in skating, and please wear your safety gear. It is available at the counter so please wear safety equipment for protection of your head, elbows and knees.

As for me, I fell two times while circling the skating rink hurting my ego very badly. Maybe it is my height that made me so unstable but alhamdulillah I did not break any bones (yet!). Just that my right hand (that used to be broken before) feels kind of swelling. Anybody cares to massage my right hand? 

P/S: See my next blog post about what happens when we met our friends, the monkeys at Botanical Garden Pulau Pinang!

:Glossary(according to the context of the words):

Reminder: peringatan
Gorgeous: cantik
Wisely: bijak  
Resides: tinggal
Rarely: jarang-jarang             
Drove: memandu
Gigantic: besar                   
By-the-sea: tepi laut
Weekdays: hari biasa              
Acquired: memperolehi
Principle: prinsip/cara           
Host: tuan rumah
Self-appointed: melantik sendiri  
Outgoing: suka keluar
Pretended: berpura-pura           
Absorb: menyerap
Impact: kesan                     
Slide: meluncur
Gleefully: perasaan teruja        
Spacious: luas
Place: memuatkan                  
Caution: hati-hati/perhatian
Highly-professional: pakar        
Skillful: terlatih
Severe : teruk                    
Injury: kecederaan
Uneven: tidak rata                
Newbie: baru
Protection: perlindungan          
Unstable: tidak stabil
Skating rink: gelanggang luncur   
Swelling: membengkak
Safety gear/equipment: alat keselamatan