Monday, February 6, 2012

Hap-Penang Roller Skate

Hap-Penang is a specially created term for Pulau Pinang that means "the happening Penang" in Azham Vosovic's dictionary ;)

The map from my place to Queensbay Mall.
Salam Maulidur Rasul to all of my gorgeous and handsome blog readers...yes, you over there! How are you today, have you done something useful to spend this long public holiday wisely? Well I took the opportunity to visit Pulau Pinang (again!) yesterday with my sister and her friend. Although my family resides in Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai Utara but we rarely visit the island part of Pulau Pinang. I drove there and alhamdulillah the road was clear and the weather was fine.

My sister wanted to try roller skating on the third floor of this gigantic shopping mall-by-the-sea, Queensbay Mall so I just followed. I was not interested to skate at first but since there were not many skaters on the floor so I thought "Hey, why not?". 

:Price range for Roller Skate:
RM 18 for weekdays
RM 20 for weekends/public holidays
RM 3 for socks (if you do not have yours).

Luckily I have been a skater when I was in Standard 4 so I kind of acquired the skill well. It is just the same principle as ice-skating plus you will not wet your pants if you fell on the floor. I tried my best yesterday not to fall and drop my ego in front of everybody else because that would be so hurtful!

My sister Hidayah and her friend Arina.
They are on a short semester break so they stayed with us in Kepala Batas. It is my duty as a host to show our guest around the city so I hope she likes it. 

I was the self-appointed photographer, the driver and what else? Thank goodness that I am also the outgoing-type of person, so I enjoyed what I did.

This was their first fall, but they quickly got up and pretended like nothing happens. Way to go!

Basically, everybody will fall while skating, that is natural so nothing to be ashamed of. However, the floor is made of a unique material that will absorb impact of falling as well as allowing the skaters to slide gleefully! 

This is a seriously spacious skating hall that I believe can place more than few hundreds skaters at one time. There will be also loud music playing on the stereo so you guys and girls will never feel bored. 

Please take extra caution on highly-professional and skillful skaters as they are very fast! Who knows that they can hit anyone of you on such a high impact that will surely result in severe injury. Some part of the floor is uneven so please take care okay? Do not speed especially when you are a newbie in skating, and please wear your safety gear. It is available at the counter so please wear safety equipment for protection of your head, elbows and knees.

As for me, I fell two times while circling the skating rink hurting my ego very badly. Maybe it is my height that made me so unstable but alhamdulillah I did not break any bones (yet!). Just that my right hand (that used to be broken before) feels kind of swelling. Anybody cares to massage my right hand? 

P/S: See my next blog post about what happens when we met our friends, the monkeys at Botanical Garden Pulau Pinang!

:Glossary(according to the context of the words):

Reminder: peringatan
Gorgeous: cantik
Wisely: bijak  
Resides: tinggal
Rarely: jarang-jarang             
Drove: memandu
Gigantic: besar                   
By-the-sea: tepi laut
Weekdays: hari biasa              
Acquired: memperolehi
Principle: prinsip/cara           
Host: tuan rumah
Self-appointed: melantik sendiri  
Outgoing: suka keluar
Pretended: berpura-pura           
Absorb: menyerap
Impact: kesan                     
Slide: meluncur
Gleefully: perasaan teruja        
Spacious: luas
Place: memuatkan                  
Caution: hati-hati/perhatian
Highly-professional: pakar        
Skillful: terlatih
Severe : teruk                    
Injury: kecederaan
Uneven: tidak rata                
Newbie: baru
Protection: perlindungan          
Unstable: tidak stabil
Skating rink: gelanggang luncur   
Swelling: membengkak
Safety gear/equipment: alat keselamatan


Anonymous said...

Love the glossary hehe..btw, roller skatin is easier than ice skating hehe


madammondoq said...

tak pandai main benda ni... sepupu i main jatuh patah kaki oo.. huhu..

Syazwan Che Deraman said...

aku tak pernah main skater tu.

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

QB tu je la yg aku rsa the best kat penang! haha aku x pandai beb main roller skate ni.. sk8boad pandai..haha tmpat ni yg dpn wayang tu kan?

NiGhTiNaNgLe_FARA said...

tak pernah g penang...
i mean the pulau tu..

ice-skating lagi syok kot.. :)

Uncle Jonni said...

skating ke ... ice skating ke....
sume tak pernah try...

jatuh tergolek buat malu je...

Azham Vosovic said...

Rizal: I think that I love ice-skating better hehehe

madammomdoq: hehe, serious sakit...tgn kanan ni tgh menahan bengkak huhu

Azham Vosovic said...

Syazwan: hehe, cuba la try bro! seronok! tapi jatuh mmg sakit haha

Zuan: hehe, yeap QB is one of the best shopping malls in Penang...and for the Penangits, roller skating is their kind of attractions here...nak pergi Sunway Pyramid kan jauh? hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Fara: hehe, ice-skating mmg best hehe...eyh, x pernah pegi pulau? ruginya hehehe

Uncle Jonni: hehe, kena cuba bro...baru tau! haha, sakit tu lumrah hahahah

Adam Haiqal said...

queensbay is it?

btw, they were not 'skodeng' on me..the other men~

Azham Vosovic said...

Adam: yeap, Queensbay Mall in Penang hehe ;)

Teenager Housemaid said...

alamak, macam best je..
but i dont know how to play it..huhu

rozeeta rashid said...

tak larat dah nak pergi QB. dah jemu. haha. tapi tak pernah pun skate kat situ.

Azham Vosovic said...

T. Hmaid: best, tp kena hati2...

rozeeta: haha, hang kena try...hang kan orang Penang? hehee

semutsengal said...

kau mcm permain roller skate peringkat dunia lah.


yad'z said...

wahh bestnye... dah lame tak main ,.. last time darjah 3.. hahahaha

apple damein said...

nk kirim tee HR hotel boleh?

EZAD AMIR said...

hui..dh lme xmain benda ni...alang2 dh singgah ni aq jd follower ke 626 ko la..hihihi

Orked Cleopatra said...

best nye....nak ikottttttt....:)

Azham Vosovic said...

semutsengal: haha, terima kaseh perli aku haha!

yad'z: haha, kan? I pon baru start main balik huhuhu

Apple: haha, alamak haritu baru singgah Hard Rock, tp mahal x tee tu?

Azham Vosovic said...

Ezad: haha, thanks sbb singah...hehe

Orked: haha, datanglah sendiri haha

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

eii.nk maen mnde alah nih.beshh.kt subang ade tp tayar 4.2 depan 2 blkng.kompom mcm cmpedak wangi nt.heheh

Azham Vosovic said...

Sarah: kalau ada dua rasanya lagi stabil! hehe...tak kan jatuh punya hahaha

stuck said...

cuti cuti malaysia abeh!! hahha~

Kayun.Zack said...

bila saya baca ni, saya inspired nak try main ni pulak. haha. semua benda pun naaaaak. haha.

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

whoaa.. skate.. bestla ade org bwakkn.. hehehe.. eh nnt bwak bolat jejalan plak.. klau trun penang =,="

Azham Vosovic said...

stuck: haha padahal memang dok kt Penang pon haha

Kayun: haha, tyr-lah! rugi x cuba hehehe

Cekbolat: hehe, insyallah...bayar jadi tour guide pun sy x kecik ati ;)

Hanie Dew said...

bestla. satu aktiviti ko bole elaborate dengan detail sekali. hehehe.aku err aku tak reti skating. mau tepusing pusing kat situ. hahahaha..

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: haha, kalau tak elaborate I rasa mcm x lengkap...nanti susahkan pembaca plak hehehehe