Saturday, February 4, 2012


Read: Blogging-in-English, a community service message to my dear blog readers brought to you by Azham Vsvc. The term "blogginglish" does not exist anywhere but it is in my dictionary ;)

Blogging is not easy, especially when English is the mediator for readers of avid national language; that explains the slow development of this blog so far. This is the reality that bloggers who write in English face every other day, especially when you are actually trying to inculcate the love and passion in the language to your readers. There is an innate desire in you to see your readers type out their blog posts in English and start to acquire the skills in time but it gets so hard.

Some might think that their English is terrible but actually it will get better once you have started to immerse yourself in the language. All of you are already excellent in your mother tongue (Bahasa Melayu) so think about the hours you have spent every day in learning English. Have you read anything in English today or have you tried speaking the language? 

I had friends in secondary school who prohibited everybody from using English; they said "It is deteriorating Bahasa Malaysia" and to the extend that I gave up preaching. Now they have come back to me and express their regret for not learning the language at an earlier stage. They admit that English language is crucial in higher education level (university, college) and how they cannot perform well in their studies. It is sad to witness them in such a way but then karma made its sweet slow-motion entrance; and all I can do now is to assist them with the language. Alhamdulillah, I can already see their effort and will always pray for the best to all of them.

Please remember that a person conversing in English in a Malay community is not showing off his or her ability; it is a great communicative practice for the speaker and the listener. To hell with anybody mocking your "broken English" because this kind of mockery will only make you a better English language speaker. To my blog readers, here are few easy steps that all of you can do to master English;

-Please try to write your blog posts in English probably once a week or maybe just some part of the blog entry.

-Try to read English materials from newspapers, TV/film subtitles, songs or anywhere possible at least once a day.

-Memorize some English words and try to include them in your speech or writing, and keep learning new words.

-Tell your friends and families that you want to polish your language and how you need their support by start talking in English with you. 

-Take up Communicative English classes for those who are really serious in learning English because it is such profitable investment for your future. 

 Insyaallah, all of your will be more comfortable with the language by the time you guys and girls finish school or college. It all starts within yourself; either you want to achieve it today or later? 

P/S: Dear my blog visitors and followers, I seriously cannot spell enough thank you to all of you. It is your commitment and willingness to cling to this site that made me the happiest man on earth. 

(according to the context of the words)

Mediator               : pengantara
Avid                   : patuh/minat
Inculcate              : menyemai
Innate                 : semula jadi
Acquire                : menguasai
Eventually             : lama-kelamaan
Immerse                : meletakkan diri
Mother tongue          : bahasa ibunda
Converse               : bercakap
Mocking                : mengejek
Broken English         : kurang mahir bahasa Inggeris
Mockery                : penghinaan
Prohibited             : menghalang
Preaching              : menggalakkan
Deteriorating          : merosakkan
Regret                 : penyesalan
Crucial                : penting
Higher education       : pengajian tinggi
Within                 : di dalam 
Willingness            : kesudian
Cling                  : melekat/kekal

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Elle Who? said...

0mo...me loike this post~ haha..actually i have the same thought as yours..but i find it really2 hard for me to express myself in english.because i loike to use bahasa senduk, u know..haha..but whatever it is, i support blogginglish! :)

Natasya Naslin said...

Hye there .. such a good effort u have done here.. =)

i love to speak , but u know in reality.. mostly all my friends trying to avoid when i want to speak in english with them.. hhuhu.

so memang xde chance la sy nak improve kan -_-" tp kali ni , nak try post in english pulak.. u gonna be my teacher.. haha =)

Kayun.Zack said...

can i email you my assignment draft so that you can check it? (kalau x menyusahkan) huhu. my academic writing is not good. huhu

Ahmad Sabree said...

nice ") tapi kan mate boleh juling tau.. pasal full english.. hehehe... bukak kamus!!!! hahahaha

Azham Vosovic said...

Elle: omaigod thank you so much! Thanks for your support! Well I believe in you, even though you prefer to write in "Bahasa Senduk" but your English is superb, no worries ;)

Natasya: hehe, alhamdulillah glad that someone like it. Maybe they avoid you because of their enviousness, who knows right? Just keep on speaking in English, you'll be fluent one day insyaallah.

Azham Vosovic said...

Kayun: sure, I am not quite busy now so why not? email me at azhamvosovic@gmail.com okay? Please include your assignment question as well ;)

Ahmad Sabree: hehe, ada glossary kt situ, insyaallah boleh membantu pemahaman hehehe

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

whoaa.. ade vocab kt bawah.. belajar something hri ni..

azham !xnakk.. wekkwekk.. boleh ke email? malu lohh >_<

Azham Vosovic said...

Cekbolat: sementara sem baru tak start lg insyaallah boleh check hehe...sementara masih ada ;)

teha said...

lalala.. aku takot nak tulis entry aku dlm eng sbb eng aku bukan nye betol sngt.. hihihi :)

.:rizaL:. said...

naik lambat, jatuh lmbt :)

Azham Vosovic said...

teha: belum cuba...mana tau lagi kan?

rizal: hehe, thanks dude! ZZZZZZZ!

Orked Cleopatra said...

Ok, got faci to check my assignment's draft..hahaha...:)

semutsengal said...

aku teringin gaks nak post entri dlm BI tapitapi, setakat ni macam takkan ada org phm je aku rasa.

Adam Haiqal said...

ohh nak jogging pun kene ade geng ke?HAHA i jogging sorang2 gamble je...psg ipod,sumbat kat telinga,..dah,jogging laa puas2..;D

msti rasa mcm low confident nk jogging sorg2 kann??

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

huhu true followers letak blog ko dlm bloglist.. others, just follow.. huhu

Azham Vosovic said...

Orked: haha, insyaallah sementara semester baru x start lg...limited je ni hehehe

semutsengal: huhu, kau tak cuba lagi bro...sekali seminggu je, no harm will be done :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Adam: kalau jogging ok kot sorang2...kalau pegi gym, sorang2...rasa mcam loser...mesti jadi xtau apa nak buat kat sana...

Zuan: hehe, rasanya betul gak tu? Aku hargai sgt followers aku yg skrg, rajin datang, siap baca lagi entry dlm English ni...susah nak dapat bro!

lea said...

wow... azham, wow... it's not everyday that someone just offered to anyone reading his blog post that he is willing to be a personal language coach. that's really nice of you :) if i'm still in school while i'm reading this, i bet i must be the first person sending you fiction to be checked :3

Teenager Housemaid said...

i dont have problem to read in english..:)

but yeah, i have problem to write in english because of my grammar errors yang terlalu banyak.. -__-'

dill said...

kedua-dua Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Inggeris punya kredibiliti tersendiri. terpulang kepada kita bagaimana nak menggunakannya. jika men'generasi baru'kan keduanya tanpa mengambil kira pencemaran bahasa yang kita telah lakukan, ia seperti menconteng warna hitam atas lukisan Da Vinci.

Mastering English Language is one of the ways how to adapt in this modern world. Just speak & write. Ignore those haters.


Azham Vosovic said...

Lea: I don't know anymore, I did everything to make others love English but as what Huijia said "I can lead a horse to the water but I cannot make it drink the water". I don't know, maybe one day they will realize my intention, hope that it is never too late ;)

Azham Vosovic said...

T.Hmaid: hehe, well that is a pretty good start! I challenge you to start writing and see how much you have developed ;)

dill: hehe, yeap betul kata awak. Kalau kita mahir kedua-dua bahasa, nescaya kuranglah penggunaan bahasa rojak. Insyaallah, I will keep on writing to the last breath.

Princess Nusy said...

pnjangnye..kalu tulis english nnti tkut org xpaham ape sye cakap..haha..^^

CekbOlat-bOlat said...


*semngat dtg meraung-raung dlm jiwee*

hm.. babah bolat gunakan english sbgai bhasa pnghntar dlm rumah.. tpi tlinge ni buat pekak =,="
skrg mnuggu private tutor dri anda! agagaga..

Azham Vosovic said...

Princess Nusy: haha, tak cuba lagi so mana tau kan?

Cekbolat: emel da ada kt komen2 atas tu, silalah cari hehe.,..cepat, sementara semester baru tak mula lgi ni hehehehe

yad'z said...

good effort.. eh bagus, siap ade terjemahan lagi. hehehehe

chemay said...

teringin nak menulis dalam english.
but siryesli.
chemay segannn.

my english takde lah teruk sangatt.
still got band4 in muet.
tp lack of self confidence tuh yang forbid chemay dari menulis and bercakap dalam english.

azham boleh share tak macam mane nak dapatkan self confidence tuh?

Azham Vosovic said...

yad'z: hehe, untuk memudahkan pemahaman pembaca hehehe

chemay: haha, then tunggu apa lagi? Mulakan sekarang, sahut cabaran ni haha....

Pasal lack of self-confidence tu, memang semua orang alaminya...insyaallah lepas ni saya share pasal self-confidence in a separate blog post hehe

delarocha said...

satu saranan yang bagus dalam mempertingkatkan kemampuan bangsa kita berbahasa inggeris.

saya dalam proses mencuba... huhu

Azham Vosovic said...

delarocha: alhamdulillah syukur...ada blogger yg sedar kepentingan bahasa Inggeris dalam era globalisasi ini...

NiGhTiNaNgLe_FARA said...

aku suke je kau ber-blogginglish..hoho..

tak payah susah2 nak bukak model essay...visit blog ni pn da kre ok..

lagipun kau ada buat glossary. kalah oxford dude!

Azham Vosovic said...

Fara: serious? alhamdulillah syukur masih ramai pembaca sebenarnya hehe....glosary tu baru je cuba2 buat, untuk pemahaman lebih mendalam hehehe

rozeeta rashid said...

dulu ada jugak buat posts in english. sekarang dah jadi rojak. hehe.

Azham Vosovic said...

rozeeta: haha, rojak sedap! tapi bahasa rojak tak sedap hehe

Kayun.Zack said...

thanks for your willingness to help us. hee. :D

Aziela said...

Once a week..? Alamak.... Err...once a month can ke? My English is not good at all, but I do support 100% English education whenever possible. Err...If I did wrongly in my English posting, pls tegur me in my e-mail ekk. Shame-shamelah adik.. :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Kayun: haha, da ada seorang pelajar email I tadi...you bila lagi? hehe

Aziela: hehe, insyaallah...do whatever you can...at least it is for your own good akak hehe....insyallah will point out any errors in your blog post through your email ;)

Hanie Dew said...

nice one. err tapi aku tak berapa konfiden lagi nak post entry in english. maybe someday. jue mungkin bole.

tapi since ko ni English language teacher-to-be mungkin boel dibuat rujukan. hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: insyaallah one day you will have the confidence alright? Insyaallah, I am willing to help...

I wong (依之汉) said...

I guest my English is still at band 3 (accoding to MUET score) but what do I care about it, right? English is not part of daily language I use.

I only use English to watch dramas (Malay dramas are so typical), read great books [most of great books written in English =(...] and surfing (of course English is the lingua franca for Internet right now).

My concern is not about the language itself but the knowledge it serves me. Even if Mandarin can serve me great knowledges, I will learn it! That's all I care about.

Speaking Manglish still can be understood by English toungue people. Yet, I don't neglected to use it as part of my writing. It just it makes me sick to read bahasa rojak. It shows how the mind of the person tangle with his/her own persona.

zacky786 said...

actually , i like to speak english .. but, to read or write.. is bad to me.. huhu

Azham Vsvc said...

I Wong: Hey, don't fret! That is quite an achievement and who knows the next time you sit for MUET again then you are going to score it hehe!

Well, I am a big fan of English language so that is why I want my friends to start exploring English too hehe...English is easy, even if you translate some words directly from Malay you can still get your points across.

Manglish is actually acceptable for me because at least I can see how some people try to speak in English. One day they will get the fluency by proper training insyaallah hehe ;)

Zacky: hehe...it's okay. You can always try....why don't you start now?

Orked said...

The more u read, the more u get :)

Azham Vsvc said...

Orked: haha betul tu huhuuu