Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Diba and Gaga

Which one is Diba and Gaga?
I miss to have dinner with Diba the Dibot and Tnal_Gaga.
(Please visit their blog yea?)
It has been a long time that we all talked over dinner.
Life is never the same again.
They are busy preparing for their final examination,
And I will never be surprised if they can pass with flying colors,
I know that they can do it!
Diba and Zati, 
We'll have dinner together at 
HR Steakhouse, Kampung Baru 
In next two weeks okay?
Just us.

P/S: Good luck to all who are sitting for their examination tomorrow too.

Mode: Final Exam

Good luck to all who are going to sit for the final examination. 
This entry is specially made for all students in
 International Languages Campus of Teacher Training Institute Kuala Lumpur. 
(Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa-Bahasa Antarabangsa IPG KBA)
Formerly known as Institut Perguruan Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa.

To all TESL students in IPG KBA,
I wish all of you good luck for your final and this includes me too.
I hope and wish that all of us will pass the examination with flying colors.
Insyaallah, all 157 of us can end up this foundation course
 And start our first year for degree level next year.

Study well, get enough sleep, get yourself prepared
And insyaallah we can do it!
We have been studying for one and a half years,
I know that we will kill the exam paper!
Yeah! Insyaallah.

Please Ya Allah,
Be with us,
Give us strength to finish this off.
Let everything run smoothly tomorrow,
And forever for our final examination.

P/S: Good luck to all LoveHateVosovic's followers and visitors too!
Take care and may Allah bless you.


Mr. Azham Vosovic

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Best Public Humiliation!

How does it feel now?
Do you feel great?
Well I am glad you did!
Thank you for all humiliations 
You have caused me!

You told everyone about my genital herpes.
You have posted naked pictures of mine in our college website
And spread news to my girl friends about my man-boobs.
Now they think that Dr. Nip/Tuck will do me a better job.

I have to join the Witness Protection Program,
Get my new identity and flee to other country. 
I need to disguise because I am a victim of high school mean girls
So people, please think twice if you want to enroll in foreign schools.

Dedicated to all mean girls and boys!

Paper Doll Dancer

This is just an example of a paper doll dancer
Dear Hannah Mubarak,
I have to tell you something that is really important. 
Please listen carefully for what I am about to tell you,
You should have your seat, but don't you ever scream at me
Because the news that you are going to hear may shock you forever.

Oh Hannah Mubarak,
I saw your dad near the back lanes of Chow Kit Road,
He was heavily in make up and dressed sexily in an exposed gown,
He was so tall for him was wearing that 7-inch platform heels.
I knew he is your dad, so I took him home and bring him here.

Oh Hannah Mubarak,
Your dad is a paper doll dancer for Old Man's Club.
I went inside to drag him out and I spoke to the manager.
He said your dad have been dancing on stage for twenty years,
I knew twenty years ago was the year you were born right?

Oh Hannah Mubarak,
I hope you will not be mad at him.
After all, he is still your dad and you are his only family,
Bring him to your home, get him shirts and trousers.
Take care of him Hannah, don't let that fifty years old man dance again.

Paper Doll Dancers:
A group of males trying to express their sexuality by trying to be the opposite sex.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Best Love Hopper

Thank God that you have left me
 After forty three days of our relationship.
You blocked me from Facebook but again
You came back for me to seek for security.

And then again for the second time, 
You have ditched me with no sign of your existence.
You and your sweet talks managed to buy my trust
And how I have regretted my decision at that moment!

Yes, I am glad that on this third time,
I did not agree on the way our relationship goes.
Yes, I am fortunate for I have met you two days ago,
And it was evident that you wear more make-up that I do.

Yes, you wear guyliner too!
.:This poem is made special for the best love hopper, my ex-MNA:.
I am thankful that I have no feelings for you anymore
And I did not cry for the songs you have sang to me.
So I am single and available at the moment,
So happy that I could die!
Oh yeah!

Thank You Nuffnang!

Thank your Nuffnang for blessing me with RM 1.50 at the moment. 
I hope that my followers, friends and foes 
will be more attracted to all advertisements
 in my blog next time.
 I will keep on writing and sharing to all
LoveHateVosovic followers!

Being Invisible

Too many hearts that favor for extra love and care,
Too many friends that need you to be by their lonely side,
Too many troubles when you have too many friends,
And too many good things to be shared but so less of you my dear.

And I guess I have to be the old Azham Vosovic,
The only person who have no good friends at school,
The one who will walk by himself to anywhere of his liking,
And the person who will look into the mirror and cry for he is friendless.

Well, maybe I should stay invisible,
Make no sweet connection with friends,
Simply sit at the loser's table in college
And tell lies to my grandchildren about my sorority life.

The invisible Mr. Vosovic
.:The End:.


Hey people, friends and foe! 
Today, let me brief you something
about the tittle of this blog post. 
Yes, the word GAP, but what is a gap? 
Is it the brand of jeans and clothings 
that we will find in shopping malls?

Is it this G.A.P?

Well, it is definitely a big No! No! 

I am going to ramble about gaps in a friendship actually.
 We have friends, best friends, enemies, 
love-hate partners and especially crime partner! 
I have them all embedded in the life of Azham Vosovic 
and I love them all equally. 

I have come to one normal occurrence in my life yesterday night.
 I have caused a best friend of mine
 to feel very isolated during a college function. 
We have told each other the truth about our feelings
 and it hurts me that I can describe myself 
as such a terrible and pathetic friend of his.

Some people will realize the problems when two best friends are in two different classes, programs, courses or social background. Yes, one party will feel as if he or she is not wanted when the other friend is happily living his or her life. Well J.A, I am truly sorry for behaving like that and thank your for the talk last night. 

Dear J.A... 
If you love me as your closest, dearest friend,
Why do you have to still bring out the issue of me going off to other place in 2012? 
Why you want to make us feel far away from each other? 

I knew and understood the thing you said about being in two different programs but you know that can be just a myth if we both know how to take care of each other? I will never forget you though I may not be able to see, meet, greet and accompany you like what am I doing now. Like what Mr. Mano has mentioned today, absence will make the heart grow fonder and I totally believe in that. 

If you love me as your friend, you don't have to worry because I will still come visit you here in IPBA. This is the place where I have met all good friends and lecturers. I have learnt my lessons about life in IPBA and will try to survive in my future plans.  I love you my dear friend so please never ever mention about those matters anymore because somehow, it portrays me as a not-so-good-best friend of yours. 

And J.A...
I am sorry for not always there for you when you need a friend to talk too. I guess I was way too busy with my own life until I have forgotten that I have few friends who need me by their side. And to be equal to you, I will try to avoid from sitting with any of my friends in FS 3.1 and 3.2 in the main hall or auditorium, I will keep a distance and just be invisible in college. That's all I think I can do to make everyone happy. Thank you and God bless...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trust Yourself!

It doesn't matter 
if you are running in or out of line 
because in the end, 
you are the one running high and low
 to grab everything
 that God has planned for you in future. 
So people, 
friends and foe, 
just do it; 
trust yourself 
and keep on sprinting.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A tale of today, for tomorrow

I was feeling very lonely since I got up from my bed this morning, no one was around to talk to me about what had happened and I woke up with the sound of Beyonce's voice kept on playing inside my mind. I cannot recall what kind of song was it but I knew Beyonce was singing in my dream. 

I took the novel, "Dear John" and continued the page that I had stopped reading yesterday night. It was a great novel, with an exciting beginning from Nicholas Sparks. I was amazed with the way he elaborated minor details that had happened in the story and made it so poetic that I have decided to apply that to my writing. I had my lunch all by myself and after that, I resumed to finish the novel. I sat on the bench facing the field at 3 P.M and finally managed to read the entire novel. That was such an accomplishment for I had read the novel from the first until the last page. Tonight, I am going to watch the movie and see what are the differences between the novel and the movie. Based on my reading of the novel, (after three days of scrutinizing the book), I realized that some people are just meant to love a person from a different distance. Some have to be an outsider and keep on looking to the same moon in order for him/her to still feel near to their loved ones. 

I am also touched with the relationship John Tyree had with his father. Yes, it reminded me of my own "abah". Mr. Amran Bin Aziz, the one who patiently keeps on tolerating with my attitudes and behaviors. To be honest with all of you, we both are not close together; he is closer to my younger brother and sister, while I had the best relationship with my late grandmother, my daddy's own mother. I knew, I am such a terrible son of his, I rarely talked to him even if I went back home. I envy Shafik for having such father that he can rely on as his own best friend while I have not yet reached that part. 

Abah, I will try to make the relationship between us feel like from a son to a father, I will call you more often, not only for the cause to make you bank-in me money. One thing that I am sure all of you never knew about my father and I is that he will sense if there is anything wrong with me. I still remember that last semester, he asked my mother whether I have money or not because he had a dream that I gave him a hundred. What an irony and turned out that my mother's call was a savior for the month! Just now, Mr. Amran called me and asked about my health condition. He said that I will always get fever if I am tensed with loads of works and I knew he sensed my sudden realization to go back home. Thank you abah for calling, I can't wait to go back to Penang this November!

Of Leighton Meester, Hilary Duff and Megan Fox

It was quite a surprise to see the result of the votes
Made by friends, followers and visitors of LoveHateVosovic!

Yes, of Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl,

Hilary Duff,

and Megan Fox,

80% of you voted that Megan Fox should be my partner in a movie!
20% voted for Leighton Meester but no one voted for Hilary Duff?
That was so mean of you because 
I love Hilary Duff too...
Well, that was based on the survey I made for my blog yea.
Anyway, you guys and girls are so sweet!

I know, both Megan and I were meant 
To be featured together in a film!
(Please vomit, hehehe).
I love Megan Fox so much!
I can't wait to do a tragic love story with her.
We'll make such a great couple together!

A treat for a friend

Introducing, Miss Tulipz a.k.a Kak Kimah.
She is the lab rat for my next agenda.
(But wait, I love this picture!)
Yes, why does it sound so scary?
Well, I have won something again,
Thanks to Nuffnang for being so generous 
Towards me and I owe Nuffnang twice!

I signed up for a form while blog walking this evening.
It is not a contest organized by Nuffnang but
It is an advertisement of Skin 11 product.
I clicked the advertisement and was
Needed to fill in a name, phone number, email address and guess what?
I filled in the form with Kak Kimah's details because
It is stated in the terms and condition that
Every person who applied must be 21 years and above,
So Kak Kimah is the perfect person to receive such treatment!

This is the proof yea Kak Kimah!
You can trust me...

This is the link of the website of the product.
You can click and see for yourself...

Hopefully I can accompany her to Skin 11 Centre in Times Square,
This is a kind of belated birthday gift for her (hehehe)
But Kak Kimah, I am not expecting anything, seriously.
I have brought Diba to Vaseline Party,
And I can't ask Kak Dhiah to go for this treatment 
(Well, you know who she is)
Plus Kak Mariah's skin is flawless,
I can't be bringing Azam, Jaazli or myself there
And I don't know anyone else aged above 21...
I really hope Kak Kimah can go for this treatment.
That's all I can do for her...

There's a sudden realization, 
Not to boast but I know it now 
That I am born into this world to make my friends happy. 
Alhamdulillah, I apppreciate this opportunity so much Ya Allah!
I don't feel lonely anymore in this world.
I have my friends around...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I love about the Blackberry Torch 9800 and Celcom Exec 50 Plan?

Dear Nuffnang, Blackberry and Celcom,
Please spend some time to hear my humble plea this time.
I have always wanted a smart phone like Blackberry Torch 9800
And you know why it is smart?

If I got you, I will name you BB Torchovic!
It is the first smartphone with a 
BlackBerry® keyboard and full 3.2 inch touch screen 
For an enhanced device experience.
You know how that is important for me?
Well, I can text all my friends (and Gossip Girls too)
About the latest gossips in my college,
The dresses my lecturers are wearing 
And I can write drafts of my assignments by using 
This supermodel smart phone Blackberry Torch 9800.
It will never hurt my nails and fingers 
If I typed more than I was expected to.

This is my picture with a low quality camera .
You know why I call it a supermodel smart phone?
Well, it has 5 Mega pixel camera which comes with flash
Continuous auto-focus and image stabilization
With 11 photo modes and video recording 
To ease those spontaneous moments. 
Now tell me why it is not a smart phone
For a supermodel+student like me?

I need a phone with a better camera quality!
I can shoot pictures of me from different angles in any condition 
And the Blackberry Torch 9800 will never let me down.
I can instantly shoot lots of pictures of me and email the images 
To various modelling agencies in Kuala Lumpur 
For any product endorsement or advertisement photo-shoot.

Connectivity at your fingertips

With this worthy smart phone Blackberry Torch 9800,
I can save pictures, songs, videos and everything with 8 GB of memory
And it is expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card.
This is crucial because I will have to keep memories of myself and friends,
Plus some pictures to be included in my resume for future use.

BlackBerry Torch9800 media 300x400 BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review

While waiting for my turn to model or act (or study), 
I can listen to the songs  of my favorite artists 
With enhanced music player that allows me
 To view full album art and track listings in portrait or landscape!
Oh goodness! I need this phone badly!

BlackBerry Torch9800 home 300x400 BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review

Oh Nuffnang, Blackberry and Celcom,
With Blackberry Torch 9800 smart phone,
I can update many statuses for my Facebook 
So that my friends can view 
What is new and fabulous about Azham Vosovic!
I don't have to go online via my laptop because I can simply do it with 
The application included in this Blackberry Torch 9800.
Can you see the icon "Social Feeds", "Blackberry Messenger" 
And etc in the image above?

 Well, isn't that easy?
See the image below please...

BlackBerry Torch9800 social2 300x400 BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review

Oh Nuffnang, Blackberry and Celcom,
I know the three of you are
 Generous, handsome, pretty and lovely right?
Please, please, please, 
I need this smart phone Blackberry Torch 9800...


And why Celcom Exec 50 Plan?
Let me tell you some secrets.
I can get 15 sen call rate to any number
And if I talk more, I'll get discounts for up to 30%!
I will also get automatic discounts every month!

Celcom Exec 50

And that is very cheap am I right?
This means that I can call people all around Malaysia 
To share with them about Nuffnang, Blackberry and Celcom
Every minute and forever right?

celcom exec - ABSOLUTELY

For my internet needs, 
I will get Free Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month
And low monthly commitment of RM50!
This is really something and you people out there,
Please sign up for Celcom Exec 50 plan or you'll miss out
The Best Deal of Post-Paid Plan ever on Earth!

Oh Nuffnang
BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 Be the first to own it!
 and Celcom,

Please consider this as my advanced birthday gift okay?
(Note that my birthday is on December 15).
Oh Nuffnang, Blackberry and Celcom,
Please, please, please.
I can focus more on my final examination 
If you give me the one and only
Blackberry Torch 9800!

Until then, I will keep on hoping,
Dreaming and wondering about
Blackberry Torch 9800...