Sunday, October 24, 2010

A tale of today, for tomorrow

I was feeling very lonely since I got up from my bed this morning, no one was around to talk to me about what had happened and I woke up with the sound of Beyonce's voice kept on playing inside my mind. I cannot recall what kind of song was it but I knew Beyonce was singing in my dream. 

I took the novel, "Dear John" and continued the page that I had stopped reading yesterday night. It was a great novel, with an exciting beginning from Nicholas Sparks. I was amazed with the way he elaborated minor details that had happened in the story and made it so poetic that I have decided to apply that to my writing. I had my lunch all by myself and after that, I resumed to finish the novel. I sat on the bench facing the field at 3 P.M and finally managed to read the entire novel. That was such an accomplishment for I had read the novel from the first until the last page. Tonight, I am going to watch the movie and see what are the differences between the novel and the movie. Based on my reading of the novel, (after three days of scrutinizing the book), I realized that some people are just meant to love a person from a different distance. Some have to be an outsider and keep on looking to the same moon in order for him/her to still feel near to their loved ones. 

I am also touched with the relationship John Tyree had with his father. Yes, it reminded me of my own "abah". Mr. Amran Bin Aziz, the one who patiently keeps on tolerating with my attitudes and behaviors. To be honest with all of you, we both are not close together; he is closer to my younger brother and sister, while I had the best relationship with my late grandmother, my daddy's own mother. I knew, I am such a terrible son of his, I rarely talked to him even if I went back home. I envy Shafik for having such father that he can rely on as his own best friend while I have not yet reached that part. 

Abah, I will try to make the relationship between us feel like from a son to a father, I will call you more often, not only for the cause to make you bank-in me money. One thing that I am sure all of you never knew about my father and I is that he will sense if there is anything wrong with me. I still remember that last semester, he asked my mother whether I have money or not because he had a dream that I gave him a hundred. What an irony and turned out that my mother's call was a savior for the month! Just now, Mr. Amran called me and asked about my health condition. He said that I will always get fever if I am tensed with loads of works and I knew he sensed my sudden realization to go back home. Thank you abah for calling, I can't wait to go back to Penang this November!

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Amalina Sulaiman said...

a dad will do anything to fulfill their children's dreams ...slowly and silently...without the children realize that most of the sweetest things that happened in their life were actually planned by their sweet guardian angel called abah, ayah, papa, abi or daddy!