Friday, October 8, 2010


Kind of feeling hurt with your blog entry.
Seems like you are having so much fun with your friends
Until my presence is no longer acknowledged.

They care the most about you,
While I was far away from any news of you.
And maybe it's true,
College friends are the one who will stick with you,
Forever until the very end of your life.

Maybe they are your best friends forever,
They have everything you need in a friendship.
I have none, nothing to share with you,
So I will just walkaway from your life...

We used to be so close
Not until we were separated 
By the different names of higher institutions,
The different courses that we have enrolled,
And by the different line of our profession.
By-bye buddy.
I am letting go,
I am giving up,
I am not worth of a friendship,
I have this fear of not going to be the best for you.


kyle said...

some friends are here for some reason,
some are here for seasons,
some are passerby with a smile,
some stick with you for awhile.

no matter how true you want it to,
some just tread down different path they choose,
so if departing really do hurts you,
remember, somewhere deep in heart,
there's still they and you..... :)

(wrote in respond to yours, hehehe)

Azham Vosovic said...

Kyle, this is written in a very beautiful manner!
I love it so much....can I post this to my blog?