Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey people, friends and foe! 
Today, let me brief you something
about the tittle of this blog post. 
Yes, the word GAP, but what is a gap? 
Is it the brand of jeans and clothings 
that we will find in shopping malls?

Is it this G.A.P?

Well, it is definitely a big No! No! 

I am going to ramble about gaps in a friendship actually.
 We have friends, best friends, enemies, 
love-hate partners and especially crime partner! 
I have them all embedded in the life of Azham Vosovic 
and I love them all equally. 

I have come to one normal occurrence in my life yesterday night.
 I have caused a best friend of mine
 to feel very isolated during a college function. 
We have told each other the truth about our feelings
 and it hurts me that I can describe myself 
as such a terrible and pathetic friend of his.

Some people will realize the problems when two best friends are in two different classes, programs, courses or social background. Yes, one party will feel as if he or she is not wanted when the other friend is happily living his or her life. Well J.A, I am truly sorry for behaving like that and thank your for the talk last night. 

Dear J.A... 
If you love me as your closest, dearest friend,
Why do you have to still bring out the issue of me going off to other place in 2012? 
Why you want to make us feel far away from each other? 

I knew and understood the thing you said about being in two different programs but you know that can be just a myth if we both know how to take care of each other? I will never forget you though I may not be able to see, meet, greet and accompany you like what am I doing now. Like what Mr. Mano has mentioned today, absence will make the heart grow fonder and I totally believe in that. 

If you love me as your friend, you don't have to worry because I will still come visit you here in IPBA. This is the place where I have met all good friends and lecturers. I have learnt my lessons about life in IPBA and will try to survive in my future plans.  I love you my dear friend so please never ever mention about those matters anymore because somehow, it portrays me as a not-so-good-best friend of yours. 

And J.A...
I am sorry for not always there for you when you need a friend to talk too. I guess I was way too busy with my own life until I have forgotten that I have few friends who need me by their side. And to be equal to you, I will try to avoid from sitting with any of my friends in FS 3.1 and 3.2 in the main hall or auditorium, I will keep a distance and just be invisible in college. That's all I think I can do to make everyone happy. Thank you and God bless...


gwen velora said...

are you thinking of leaving IPBA? but why?? i wanna noe the story too

Azham Vosovic said...

I'm not leaving IPBA for long, I will be coming back right in 2014? huhuhu...

gwen velora said...

:) hehe..