Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You need to be taught...

You need to go to "How To Ask For Help Politely" Class. 
I know that we were not cooperating
But there are better ways that you can do to make us help. 
You are kind of using age difference as an excuse for you to say things
 And hurt people with your words. 
You called those who were not cooperating as selfish?
Can I ask you something? 
Did you ever call the class for meeting in the first place? 
Well that is your problem.
Sorry to say but you too need to change.
And when I tell people about you,
They will say,
"It's okay...she's like that.... bla..bla...bla...".
Can't you see that if the exam is coming
She will totally change?
And I am sick of that changes 
Because it involves me and my emotions!

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