Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sonny will see you again...

Sonny will no longer stay,
So don't you come and look for Sonny
By the time you read this ugly letter...

Mr. Attorney will call after a week,
And please be happy about it,
Because Sonny had left a big amount of money...

Sonny has breast cancer.
He's at third stage of pain,
But Sonny didn't want you to know...

Chemotherapy hurts more than when daddy beats Sonny,
And the bitter pills are like your smile after you saw the result,
Laying on the bed alone...it was more painful for Sonny...

Sonny loves his family so much.
Keep in mind that Sonny leaves in peace.
Sonny is sorry for departing so soon...


*Written with the concern of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.
So, please wear pink outfits when you go out to show your support!
We have to educate all Malaysians about the painful death caused by cancer.
Do your part people!

P/S: Wear this Pink ribbon if you are given one!
Thank you...

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