Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maybe it's true...

I hope no one will get hurt after reading this entry.
This is just my own expression,
My very own public diary.

The way I've been described by friends,
Through their writings, their diaries,
Their attitude and so on,
Makes me realize that
I don't deserve a friend.

They are too good to me,
They are the best.
They care the most about me 
But I?
I did not return them the favor...

Maybe I should have been left alone forever.
I guess one of my friend is true,
I am destined to walk alone in this world.
I will never be a friend's best friend
Because I am selfish...


tnal_gaga said...

lau kite ikhlas b'kwn...dgn sdrinyer kite akn terime baik buruk dy....bgtoo juge sebaliknyer...=)

Azham Vosovic said...

Hurm...mmg betul Zati...tp Am rasa Am mmg akan akan ada mslah dgn kawan baik sendiri...masa zaman sekolah dulu, selalu sgt gadoh dgn besties....I'm just afraid that it will happen again here...