Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Diba and Gaga

Which one is Diba and Gaga?
I miss to have dinner with Diba the Dibot and Tnal_Gaga.
(Please visit their blog yea?)
It has been a long time that we all talked over dinner.
Life is never the same again.
They are busy preparing for their final examination,
And I will never be surprised if they can pass with flying colors,
I know that they can do it!
Diba and Zati, 
We'll have dinner together at 
HR Steakhouse, Kampung Baru 
In next two weeks okay?
Just us.

P/S: Good luck to all who are sitting for their examination tomorrow too.


mim toge said...

I know u can do it too... Trust urself because we are the same k.. *winkwink*

adibah n zati (n fatin too)
Status : booked
Time : next two weeks
Booked by : Mr.vosovic.

Azham Vosovic said...

Hehehe, yes! Just us okay... I can't wait to have dinner with all of you..

tnal_gaga said...

terharunyer kite....huhu...oraittt...sabaqqq naaa....exm fez...gud luck k...:-)