Monday, November 1, 2010

This Is Bloody Fun

I don't want to be cynical for what had happened in the Main Hall just now,
But I just love the fun they made in Facebook and in the hostel after that.
Please read this with an open and sensible mind.

Today, I have learnt many new things for Language Description (LDS).
I sat for the paper this morning for my final examination and I know, I suck!
Now, let us do some recheck of the lesson.

1) List all the 'word classes' that you can find in this sentence 
though somehow the sentence seems not logic.

"You and your bloody pail can get out of the system".

I know this won't help for the examination but I just want to distress.
So, the answers will be:

You: Pronoun
And: Conjunction
Your: Pronoun
Bloody: Adjective
Pail: Noun
Can: Verb
Get: Verb
Out: Preposition
Of: Preposition
The: Determiner
System: Noun 

Someone, please check this for me?

2) Next, let's analyse the type of this sentence.

"You and your bloody pail can get out of the system".

My answer: This is a simple sentence because there is only one finite verbs which is "can". The verb "get" is a verb but it is a non-finite verbs because in this sentence, it cannot be changed to any other form as the verb that follows a modal auxiliary must be in a base form. There is also no subordinate conjunction and co-ordinating conjunctions present in the sentence so this is surely a simple sentence. Is it correct guys and girls?

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