Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There Goes My Self-esteem

My husband wanted to leave home,
He said that I was too fat for the family.
I have been putting up a lot of weight
After I gave birth to my last boy Danny.

So I started to eat carrot only for lunch,
But it did not help when I was up on the scale.
He was furious for I had not tried my best,
He gave me a bottle of pills and vinegar to cut the fat.

I was mad, felt as though I was his lab rat
But his love for the marriage is my concern.
I jog everyday at the park, and when he saw me
Running, the world lit up my life again.

For a moment, I realized that he will stay for the family,
But I know that he will leave me if I stop trying.
I need a rest; I went to the stall and ordered a burger,
I ate it all and there goes my self-esteem.

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