Monday, November 8, 2010

I have TWO tickets to watch SKYLINE!

Please click for a better view!
So here goes the thing, 
I am looking for a movie partner to go and watch Skyline with me! 
The details are as follows:

Date : 10 November 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 9.00PM
Venue : TGV, Wangsa Walk
Dress Code : Sky-Blue Clothes / Face Painted Red (Optional)

I don't know who should I bring to watch the movie with me. 
Oh my God, I am in such a dilemma! 
Who should accompany me and together we will paint our face red?
Dilemma, dilemma.

Oh yes, 
I was born to make myself and my friends happy!

P/S: Thank you Nuffang and TGV Cinemas!
I love both of you! 


mim toge said...

the tickets are yours and so as the decision.... :)
congrats dear... ^_________^

gwen velora said...

i am sooo jealous with you. always get invitation from nuffnang. can i be like you? show me the way.. please..:)

Azham Vosovic said...

Thanks Diba...

Azham Vosovic said...

Gwen: You are a Nuffnangers too, so you have an easy way to achieve invitations like me. First, you must go to your Nuffnang profile everyday and check out what's new there. If they open an invitation to join contests and such, just do exactly what they ask you to do. Like myself, the contest I joined for this movie is simple. I was asked to leave a comment on the contest page on how am I going to fight aliens when they invaded earth in not more than 15 words. My answer: I will drag all aliens to the "Recycle Bin" icon of my computer. Isn't it easy? So thank God that I was chosen among 80 contestants to go and watch this movie with a partner (after Social Studies exam some more).

P/S: There's a contest in Nuffnang going on now. It's about the movie Rapunzel ...(I'm not sure). But you can try your luck right? I wish you all the best with Nuffnang! heheh...

gwen velora said...

OMG.. i am sooo not observant people. hehehe.. i didn't even care to go to their website. ayooo.
anyway, this is very helpful tips you give me. Thanks a lot buddy. I am going to try them out. Next time. ehehehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

It's very easy, just take some time to win something which is worth it! hehehe..

Good luck Gwen!

mim toge said...

ehem, rapunzel contest????
can u participate the contest for me??
*puppy eyes*
ps : I like to watch barbie-like movie...

Azham Vosovic said...

Mim Toge: Sorry but the viewing date of the movie is on December 8th, Mid Valley. I know that we will all be away at our hometown, that's why I don't want to join the contest...hurm. I wish that I can help you Mim Toge!...sorry again...