Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Pictures: More advanced birthday gifts!

Tudor Gold Almond by Kamal Khairi.
Thank you darling!

I treat myself with 3 pieces of Mega Mix Cruch chicken!
A lonely trip to KFC Brickfields, but it's okay.

A gift from Diba, but only to be open on December 15.
Gosh, I am sure this will cost her a hundred! 
Thank you so much P.I.C!

Another chocolate from Rina Bberi!
Thank you Sagittarian!
Her birth date is on December 8.

Camior from Tnal_Gaga! 
Thank you darling!
Good luck in your relationship!

A bottle of notes from Diba. 
Those notes are to be open starting on the first day of December only.
Thanks P.I.C

Some notes from Diba the Dibot.

Lots of gifts! 
Thank you guys and girls.
This is the first time ever in my life 
That I have received lots of presents for my birthday celebration.
Well, that's a happy advanced birthday celebration then!
I will turn 19 this December 15!

To all who still remember my birth date, 
Thank you so much.
It's not about the amount of presents I get,
But the remembrance touches my heart.
God bless all of you!


mim toge said...

u r almost wcome..
xmahal smpai beratus pun.. hadiah simple je.. n remember... SILVER STAR is the last one to be opned k... bye. hve a sve trip.

Lelaki Ini said...


Mickymar said...

Looks like your birthday was a special day! I hope all your dreams came true and may each day be the best ever!

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Azham Vosovic said...

Diba: Can't wait to open your pressi one by one... thank you so much dear...

Lelaki Ini: hehe, thank you dear.

Mickymar: Thank you dear... God bless you...