Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Pictures: Ping-pong Tournament!

Last Sunday, on the morning that I did not sleep at all because I went to The Library, my class FS 3.2 and FP 3.5 had a ping-pong tournament. Ping-pong, (in proper English) is known as table-tennis, so do not confuse yourself okay? To make the story short, I had lost in the single game, but won third place for double. I played with Izati okay, the small girl with a big spirit! We won a hamper so now, let the pictures do the talking, writing, speaking and all you can say okay? Enjoy!

Miss Izati, we both love extreme sports okay!

Mr. Vosovic, also known as A.V which stands for Azham Vosovic.

Both my partner and I cooperate well.
Love her and her attitude!
(Ooops, hope that Toge will not read this!)

Izati, a.k.a Gaga can be reached via her blog yea?
Please pay a visit to her blog where she's living her life.
Hehehe, please click the link below!

More pictures!

Mr. Vosovic and his good friend, Jaazli Ahmad!
He's a blogger too.

Mr. Vosovis is gaining weight by day!
Love it!

Mr Alexs Nuk and I.

He's cleaning the gym! Thanks Alexs Nuk.

Funny there is no picture of us playing table-tennis at all.
But we did play table-tennis okay!
Weird that I did not feel sleepy at all,
But thanks to McD's coffee!

P/S: Mr. Vosovic plays table-tennis?
For real?


tnal_gaga said...

haha...bru prasan ade post ni....congratz2!!thanx 4 love me...dun worry..mim TOGE kapoor x mara pon...haha...:P thanx 4 being my partner...!!!!
dun 4get nex year..we shud go to dat place...rock climbing...yeah...!!

Azham Vosovic said...

Hello Gaga. It's not Mim Toge Kapoor that I am worry about, it's Mr Toge.. hahaha....
Yes! Rock CLimbing! hehehe