Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sorry, I'm in love with you!

Yes, I fell in love with you,
after the night we spent together in our safe place.

Yes, I was mesmerized by your cute acts,
now you see I am missing you now and forever.

Yes, I have tried to control my feelings,
but emotions running wild and I am fantasizing about me and you.

Yes, I know it is wrong to love you
because I know, there is another heart waiting for you.

Yes, I hate this feeling entirely,
for now I have to be good in front of you.

Yes, now that I am in love with you,
I have to keep myself away from you my love.

Yes, I have to stay at distance,
or else I will crush other people's heart.

Yes, I will avoid you my dear,
because I am scared that I will love you even more.

Yes, this is a goodbye letter,
and I have to stop seeing you in college.

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