Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From the blogger,

Today marks the end of “Boosting Self-esteem” campaign by LoveHateVosovic. I must say that it was a significant accomplishment for me so far, because that was my first time handling a campaign through the internet. I have written lots of thoughts in my blog, and you guys and girls can check them out in the November issue. 

I must thank Mr. iGossip and Miss  Sweet Nonsensicality o’ Mine for cooperating with me in making this campaign a reality. Well, they did their generous part by writing about self-esteem in their blog. Thank you also to whomever that contributed their part, directly or indirectly along with the campaign of “Boosting Self-esteem”, inspired by LoveHateVosovic.

And here is an announcement because December is waiting with new challenges, anticipation and surprise. We all are familiar with this issue; and in fact we have read, listened and witnessed the case of violence happening around the world. Be it the cases of man beating the wife, mother torturing the child, and a girl who killed her own cats, we are all dealing with this every day.

Many cases of violence out there remain unreported, leaving the offender uncharged and the victim unhealed. This is not fair actually, as some people still do not know that certain actions are actually a crime and violent to the victim. This issue is very wide, as I can write about domestic violence, gender discrimination, violence towards animals and many more. I hope that my writing will help certain people to learn better about violence, the causes, its effects, the examples and ways to overcome it. I am not an expert by the way, but at least I can share to all of you right? Something is better than nothing, so please do your part.

This is the issue for December, violence around the world. I name this campaign, “World against Violence” and I hope that we can all take our part. We should spread to the whole world that violence is not accepted, in every way that it is committed. Now, let me start December with some education about violence, so don’t forget to check out my blog and leave out your point of thoughts okay? I need support from all of you, love-hate followers, friends and visitors. Make way for “World against Violence” campaign, inspired by LoveHateVosovic.

Take care and God bless,

Azham Vosovic

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