Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Pictures: FS 3.2 Class Outing!

Hi guys and girls, love-hate followers and readers! I am just very happy to share some pictures of our class outing yesterday. We planned to have our picnic at KLCC in the morning but we received a call from our beloved mentor, Mr. Manoharan to attend a workshop at our college. We postponed our plan and we went to KLCC at 3pm and went to eat at Pizza Hut. After that, we went to pray at the mosque near KLCC and then came the moment for cam-whoring! Yes, we abused the garden, the pool and KLCC park! We are so happy to end our foundation and hang out with our class mates. Well, I can't wait to start my degree year in IPG KBA and later go to University Putra Malaysia on 2012! I want to experience new things at new places. Okay, now let's view all the pictures here okay? Enjoy!

Venue: All around KLCC

Introducing, the owner of LoveHateVosovic, Mr. Azham Vosovic!

From left: Qing Yi, Alaina, Emily and Alexs Nuk

Our big sister, Amariah Lopez and Miss Nateesha Kaur Gill

Bad boys: Aliff, Aiman, Yazid and Sidqi

They tried to act cute but... Yazid, Sidqi and Aliff

Aiman, Alexs, Azham and Qing Yi.

Miss Hakimah, Miss Izati, Miss Alaina and some others...

Miss Hakimah thinks that she is cuter than ???

Miss Emily, the giantess, literally!

Mr. Alexs Nuk, the lovely boy!

Miss Izati, Miss Alaina, Miss Nateesha, Mr. Hazman, Mr. Yazid, Mr. Aliff and Mr. Sidqi.
We are all English teachers to-be in four more years!

Argh, I am going to miss all of them!

The time to eat donuts!

This picture was taken in front of Lot 10, when we was on our way to Times Square to play bowling!

Wait, there are more pictures to be uploaded! 
Stay tuned! 


Dyana Hashim said...

aaa ! i miss malaysia so much ! hang out on weekend, klcc, mid and sunway !!

Azham Vosovic said...

Miss Dyana: Hehehe, then how about shopping malls in UK?...hehehe...