Thursday, November 18, 2010

Self-esteem: Stop Homophobic Bullying!

Look at this poor little school boy,

And this boy as well. Both of them are gays but they are not accepted as part of the community. They are the unwanted gender at their place, and even sometimes their parents disown them.

In another school, the students accept everyone as equal, be it the boys are gays or the girls are lesbians; they have the same degree of acceptance as other straight kids receive in school. Let me define what is happening to both schools okay? The students in School A are being bullied because they are homosexuals while the students in School B accept every student as the same, regardless of their sexual preferences. This situation is defined as being "homophobia".

You know, some people tend to judge others differently in their perspectives and in this case, the straight guys or girls will insult the homosexuals just because they have desire for people of the same sex. Honestly, do you guys and girls think that this is fair? The homosexuals are being criticized by a group of people who do not know at all the in-and-out of a homosexual person, and their voice is not being heard and recognized at all. 

There are efforts by Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), religious institute and political parties to try and cure homosexuality of a person but mind you, homosexuality is something that you are born with. It is naturally embedded in someone's body, and nurtured by external surroundings. You cannot expect a person to drastically change their sexual preferences in a split second. If you still want them to change, you have to spare them some time, and see their progressions. Some people have this thought that gays and lesbians did not try to change and try to be normal. I would directly say to the person that,

 "If one day you are asked to love a guy, while you yourself are a guy who loves a girl, can you do it naturally? That is the same thing that the gays and lesbians feel once they are asked to act normal".

Gosh, that is not easy to be done I tell you.

There is no cure for being homosexual because if there is any, I am sure that all gays and lesbians will be "straighter" than the straights, right? 

And when they are bullying their peers, they have forgotten the fact that lesbians and gays can one day be a good daughters, sons, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and all the things that you can name. Please, gays and lesbians deserve a place to live with, to feel accepted for their sexuality.

Some tried to promote hatred toward gays and lesbians by not allowing them to get married. I would say that if it is allowed in their community, religion and people, then who are you to stop it? If it is not allowed, then I guess these couples need to flee to other planet in order to get married. Well, maybe we should ban homophobic marriage as well, so that they will know how does it feel when you cannot get married.
(Okay now I am feeling very angry, RTM, please do not ban me!)

For me, homophobic should learn to accept others, and not to judge.
That is the only thing that I feel can help gays and lesbians to feel as part of the society.
Can you guys and girls do that? Accept everyone as equal and no judging is allowed?

Now, let me ask all of you this simple question.
What are you going to do about it?
Well, let's take some time and ponder about it.

As for me, I would suggest that we all try to change our mindset and erase the hatred for gays and girls.

We should throw away our old-fashioned way of thinking into the trash bin.
We should accept everyone as the same, and no judging.
Can you all do this?

Tell our children that they should not bully anyone at all, and of course when they are gays and lesbians. As teachers, listen to our children's problem and be a good observer. Never let other people's perspective cloud your judgement, go on with it if you feel that it is alright for you to accept homosexuals. Next, please do not stereotype gays and lesbians as the people who will rot in hell. I am very sure that not all straight guys and girls will directly get express pass to heaven right? It all depends on how we carry ourselves.
Well, I guess that is all for my rambling this time. Let's cooperate with the month of "Self-esteem", inspired by LoveHateVosovic. Take care and God bless you.


Anonymous said...

tp kita ptut tegah...nabi melaknat gay dan lesbian,....sggp kta nak tgok bala manimpa mcm zaman nabi luth as dulu jd blik?let's think about it.....

Azham Vosovic said...

Hi Anonymous, I know you actually. Kind of expecting your comment here. By the way, thank you for dropping by.

Mr Anonymous, what I was trying to say is that we should not bully them. Yes, we should advise them, but not in the manner of kicking them to let them learn something. There's one incident where a gay boy was kicked by his fellow room mates when they found out that he's gay. They were trying to teach him but in a wrong way.

Yes, I also do not want any harm to happen to all human citizens like what happened to the people in the era of Prophet Luth because of this matter, but what is more important is that we should educate gays and lesbians in a proper manner right? Let's ponder about this too Mr Anonymous....