Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am proud to be a prostitute!

I am filthy,
A social servant who comes home late at night
With the smell of liquor lingering around my body
Because I have a son to be fed and many bodies to be satisfied.

I am dirty,
The woman who is everyday facing the society's hatred.
I am the woman who they said have been sleeping with their husbands
Though in reality I depend on them to ensure food on the table for the next morning.

But I am me,
A mother who wears the less dress and offers my service to all desperate men.
I am not ashamed of myself and never I will be
Because it is my duty as a mother to ensure the longevity of my family.

Written in conjunction with the month of "Boosting Self-esteem" inspired by LoveHateVosovic. 
Remember, do not have low self-esteem if you are destined to work as a prostitute, social and sex worker or any other works related to social sickness in the world. Remember, you are who you are! Love yourself first regardless of how filthy you are. Take care and God bless.

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