Monday, April 30, 2012

Blogger in Distress

Been working the b*tch out of me for 7 days straight and I have lost track of time thinking that tomorrow is a Sunday already! The same old boring routines and I am not complaining; just wake me up really late in the morning because I want to be intimate with my imaginary roommate tonight. No judging but I have one since I can see things now; been lonely for too long that my eyes see what my brain wants to see. Need a company and my mind tells me that I am no longer alone in this room; a blessing in disguise but still a blogger sadly in distress :)

P/S: "Blogger in distress" because I can't seem to find the right expression to be put into the form of a blog post and too little time to visit your blog. Sorry people...I promise that I will make it up to all of you once I am done and over with everything I commit myself to.


Been working          : telah bekerja
Lost track            : hilang jejak
Intimate              : rapat/intim
Imaginary             : khayalan
Roommate              : teman sebilik
Lonely                : keseorangan
Company               : teman
Blessing in disguise  : rahmat dalam kesulitan
In distress           : dalam kesusahan
Commit                : terlibat

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Territory

There is a small town named "Mind Your Own Business" in my mind now and I am contemplating to move there soon. The place would be just quiet and away from all of the ridiculous rules made up by my fellow human friends; just me and some others who would want to break free from reality. 

There at that place, I want to be the KING since I founded the town and I am eligible to do that (this is my dream by the way). I do not have to FIT IN with the society as I get to choose my own friends and my own enemies. The currency would be some sincere SMILES so exchanging more generous grins would make you richer than ever. There at "Mind Your Own Business", we are the most trendiest in our everyday attire since we wear HONESTY in and out. BACK STABBING is so out of fashion...even in retrospect humans have never acknowledged that kind of behavior so be aware! 

My town is meant for the SOCIALLY-UNACCEPTED men and women so we are not looking for some more trouble. Trespassers would be prosecuted so please knock before you dare to enter my territory; WE MIND OUR OWN BUSINESSES HERE! 
P/S: Just a creative writing, only those who analyze this deeply would decipher the meaning ;)


Named               : diberi nama
Contemplating       : menimbangkan/berfikir
Away                : jauh
Ridiculous          : tak masuk akal
Rules               : peraturan
Fellow              : rakan-rakan
Break free          : membebaskan diri
Founded             : mengasaskan
Eligible            : layak
Dream               : mimpi
Enemies             : musuh
Currency            : matawang
Sincere             : ikhlas
Exchanging          : bertukar-tukar
Generous            : murah hati
Grins               : sengih/senyum
Trendiest           : paling bergaya
Everyday wear       : pakaian harian
Retrospect          : tinjauan kembali
Acknowledged        : mengakui
Behavior            : tingkah laku
Meant               : disediakan
Socially-unaccepted : tidak diterima masyarakat
Trespassers         : penceroboh
Prosecuted          : didakwa
Territory           : kawasan
Decipher            : menafsirkan

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Short Film/Documentary

Spent my Sunday recording a documentary about Malaysian food all around Mid Valley Megamall and bumped into Dato' Chef Hj. Ismail Ahmad when he was on his way out of Robinsons. The production team and I managed to interview the humble Celebrity Chef plus he elaborated on the history of Malaysian food with no charge, awesome! Can't wait for the video to be released soon and please pray that our team would win this Short Film/Documentary Competition okay ;)

Spent              : menghabiskan
Recording          : merakam/rakaman
Bumped into        : terserempak dengan
Managed            : berjaya
Interview          : menemubual
Humble             : merendah diri
Elaborated         : menghuraikan
History            : sejarah
Awesome            : hebat/bagus
To be released     : akan ditayangkan

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kelantan; Traditions and Values

Hi guys and girls, how are you? I am still in my holiday mood so let me compose a blog post about my short but sweet semester break okay? It all happened two weeks ago when I was stranded in KL Sentral for nearly four hours due to the train delay. I arrived home at 10 AM on Saturday and my mother dropped a bombshell that we were going to Kelantan at 4 PM on the same day, imagine that! So we travelled back to Kampung Alor Pasir, Wakaf Bharu and it was a truly smooth drive; less car and the weather was great alhamdulillah.

Well I did nothing much at my grandparents’ house; just laze around watching “Pretty Little Liars” on my laptop and sleep most of the time. My grandfather is still a fit and healthy police retiree but my grandmother is quite sick of old age. That is my grandparent’s house...a typical Malay home in Kelantan but full with fond memories of our families. The best thing about this house is the “perigi atau telaga” (or well) that is still being used to pump out freezing water from underneath the ground! Seriously, it is the best feeling that you can find when you are having your shower with “air perigi” and it is good for your health too. 

I was very naughty when I was a kid; I pour cups of washing detergents into the “perigi” until all of us cannot use the water for three days; imagine bubbles coming out of the tap when you were washing your dishes on the sink. Don’t ask me about the kind of punishment I received from my grandparents and my own folks; I am not proud of becoming so mischievous at that time okay.

Well...people come and people go; they get married and start a nuclear family leaving their folks at home. At times this place is just too quiet; no sound of children crying or screaming because they are far away secluded in the city. This kampung will only be filled with cars and people only on “kenduri kahwin”, “hari raya” and even funerals; it is sad how it is. I wonder how these villagers cope with the silence; most of them are past 60 years old and their kids are busy growing up that they forgot their parents are growing old.

Nevertheless, this is a truly beautiful and serene “kampung”; I have so many stories to share but it might take a whole year to scribble blog posts about this place. I am pleased to have the blood of Kelantan warriors within me and be a part of a state that put on importance to traditions and values. It is a really humble state with its modest people reaching out to the verge of development without denying the fact that traditions must come along the way; the art of exchanging wise gifts.

P/S: Why “wise gifts”? Because some people shy away from traditions in the name of urbanisation; they have forgotten their roots and where they came from...a note to self. Like the famous shadow puppet show “wayang kulit”, the heritage fades away and some new generations are reluctant to learn and continue the legacy. Maybe one day “wayang kulit” can only be seen among the state museum’s collections merely as exhibits and not as a show.


Traditions            : tradisi
Values                : nilai
Compose               : menulis
Stranded              : terkandas
Delay                 : tergendala
Dropped a bombshell   : memberitahu perkara mengejutkan
Laze around           : memalaskan diri
Police retiree        : pesara police
Sick of old age       : sakit tua
Typical               : biasa
Fond                  : bahagia
Pump out              : mengepam
Underneath            : dari bawah
Pour cups             : menuang bercawan-cawan
Washing detergents    : cecair pencuci pakaian
Tap                   : paip
Dishes                : pinggan-mangkuk
Punishment            : hukuman
Folks                 : ibu bapa, warga tua
Mischievous           : nakal
Nuclear family        : keluarga besar
At times              : kadang-kadang
Secluded              : terperap, terkurung
Be filled             : akan dipenuhi
Funerals              : pengebumian
Cope                  : bertahan
Silence               : kesunyian
Are past              : lebih daripada
Scribble              : merangka, menulis
Pleased               : bangga, bahagia
Within me             : dalam diri saya
Put on importance     : meletakkan kepentingan
Humble                : merendah diri
State                 : negeri
Modest                : sederhana
Verge                 : sempadan, hujung
Without               : tanpa
Denying               : menafikan
Exchanging            : bertukar-tukar
Wise                  : bijak
Gifts                 : hadiah
Shy away              : lari daripada, tidak mengakui
Urbanisation          : proses pembandaran
Have forgotten        : telah melupakan
Roots                 : asal-usul
Heritage              : warisan
Fade away             : semakin menghilang
Reluctant             : tidak sanggup, tidak mahu
Continue              : meneruskan
Legacy                : warisan
Collections           : koleksi-koleksi
Merely                : semata-mata
Exhibits              : bahan pertunjukan
Show                  : persembahan

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ridiculous Rules

I believe that I have mastered the art of "eating out alone"; simply wear the thickest skin on my face and bravely order plates of calories despite the fear of society's perception--a perfect romantic dinner date with just me, myself and I.

It is weird but most people will stare at somebody having the meal all by his/herself and I hate having my dinner alone. I have this feeling that the people around me would laugh so merrily even though it does not exist at all; a typical human thinking full of ridiculous rules which the humans themselves set.

P/S: Alone is lonesome, two is a couple and three is a crowd ;)


Have mastered          : telah menguasai
Eating out             : makan di luar
Simply                 : hanya
Wear                   : pakai
Thickest               : paling tebal
Skin                   : kulit
Bravely                : dengan beraninya
Order                  : memesan
Plates                 : berpinggan-pinggan
Despite                : walaupun
Fear                   : ketakutan
Society's perception   : pandangan masyarakat
Perfect                : sempurna
Stare                  : tengok, tenung,
Meal                   : makanan
Merrily                : dengan bahagianya
Exist                  : wujud, muncul
Typical                : biasa
Ridiculous             : mengarut
Rules                  : peraturan
Lonesome               : sepi, keseorangan
Crowd                  : ramai, orang ramai

Monday, April 16, 2012

You're So Fine

:Background Music:
Guba ft. Yuna You're So Fine

This song is currently on my repeat now; such a sweet collaboration of a Sabahan singer-songwriter, Guba and the all famous Yuna. Guba or Gabriel Roberts Rawantas officially joined the Malaysian music industry in 2011 when his first single was released in July and now is making his way to the top, way to go!

Guba has a minor resemblance to Jason Mraz's voice (simply agreeable by my friends) but is worth listening! After a "thorough research" about Guba on Google (wanted to know more about his stage name actually), I found this page on Laguna Music website so feel free to follow him on TwitterFacebook and MySpace too. Remember that we have talented singers, actors, musicians and many more who are now making fame all around the world so let us show our support okay ;)

P/S: I hope that I can interview Guba one day ;)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Good Life

:Background Music:
Good Life by One Republic

This is the Playboy Mansion, home to 16 male students heading their way to becoming the next Top Educator located at the suburb of UPM Serdang. They are in a dire need of a House Father to help out with the housechores so if you think you are a fit and healthy male with a great cooking and cleaning skills you are encouraged to apply. Fresh SPM leavers are mostly welcomed too so please contact yours truly Azham Vosovic for more information okay?

That is the house rented by my friends and since my parents do not give me the permission to stay with them I am stranded in this college for good! Syukur alhamdulillah, I am still living #TheGoodLife so far even though I feel lonely with nobody to talk with. For the record, I am the only TESLian left in my block and I can sense that people are isolating me; tell me that this is not part of the university life. Correct me if I am wrong but what is with the face whenever I try to start a conversation? I am just trying to be friendly because I do not get the chance very much...so let us all be friends okay?


Mansion          : rumah agam
Suburb           : pinggir bandar
Dire             : tersangat/dasyat
Housechores      : kerja rumah
Encouraged       : digalakkan
Apply            : memohon
Leavers          : lepasan
Rented           : disewa
Permission       : kebenaran
Stranded         : terkandas
Isolating        : meminggirkan
Whenever         : bila-bila
Conversation     : perbualan
Friendly         : peramah

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This is not an advertorial; I am not paid to write but good news are meant to be shared right?

Fitness First Free 7-days Trial is back people! This is surely a good news for those who want to go to the gym but have no money like me; please fill in your details here and your fitness consultant will call you to set up an appointment. 

I went to Fitness First Avenue K, KLCC for 7-days of free trial THREE TIMES last year (7 days X 3= 21 days) so I am planning to do the same this year at a totally new place! Since I am now in UPM so maybe IOI Mall Puchong would be nearer because I will have to endure 7 days of training consecutively. Well...I may be needing a gym partner so this is an open tender to all of you bloggers; let's go gym-ming to the maximum for free!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Behind the Assignments Line

Please stand behind the yellow line; it is time to finally leave Kuala Lumpur...the city that is hot of its weather, its people and its story.


 Alhamdulillah, one week of semester break is finally here! I departed by train from KL Sentral at 2.30 AM last night and reached Penang at 10 AM, can you imagine that? The train was supposed to depart at 11 PM but it was delayed for nearly four hours but luckily I boarded the Cabin Coach--I was asleep most of the time. The best thing is when my mother fetch me up at Butterworth Train Station this morning and said:

 "Petang ni kita balik Kelantan untuk dua hari lepas tu pergi holidays kat Terengganu atau Pahang". 

Dang! Another long journey for me in less than 24 hours but I really need a vacation! This time around I will not going to waste my time doing the assignments yet, FAMILY TIME comes first! So dear bloggers out there, I will see you in Kelantan hopefully by tonight and insyaallah I will be around the East Coast of Malaysia this whole week. 

"Kali ni aku nak betul-betul bercuti, assignments semua tolak tepi!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Off Limit

"Speak the truth even if your voice shakes"

The image above is a symbolism of myself not being able to utter words when I am angry; it is currently happening and I can't help this feeling. I am mad with a group of people who are dying to go back to their hometown without considering the others for class replacements, meetings and group discussions. Why is that everything must be according to "their time" while the others are suffering? It is so sad since we are sponsored to study but we take advantage of that; well this is unfair to myself and the others!

Most of us can bear with this university life; this is quite fun actually thinking that most of us have not gone back home to see our family for nearly two months already. To my respect, some of us are doing very well; we miss our family too but come on...please grow up! If you think you can't live apart from your family then what will happen when you are transferred to schools out of your "safe place" huh? Think about it and please consider an apology to the others. Sorry that I need to hurt your feelings to let you know how you have hurt our feelings first!

P/S: They have just pushed my patience off to the limit. 


Truth           : kebenaran
Shakes          : bergegar
Symbolism       : perumpamaan
Utter           : mengeluarkan
Currently       : sedang
Dying           : terdesak
Considering     : memikirkan
Replacements    : ganti
Bear            : tahan
Transferred     : dihantar
Apology         : kemaafan

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A luxury that is

My first giveaway; 3 Senandung Mutiara train tickets departing from KL Sentral to Butterworth on April 6th 2012 at 11 PM to the fastest blogger who can promote my blog to his or her followers *this is not a real contest okay!

I can't wait to go back to my hometown and just rest; I have used up all of my battery and it is just the mid of semester break so imagine that! I wonder what would happen to me in June...will I survive people? Well I have made plans for the whole one week of semester break; just going to be the laziest at home because that is what I do best. I will munch a lot of food for the sake of replacing my weight loss and sleep in the evening; yeap...a luxury that is. 

P/S: A new "horse" has joined our family so I hope that I can tame it the moment I see "the horse" next week ;)


Giveaway: pemberian
Departing: bertolak
Fastest: terpantas
Hometown: kampung halaman
Used up: menggunakan
Laziest: paling malas
Replacing: menggantikan
Weight loss: kehilangan berat badan
Luxury: kemewahan
Tame: menjinakkan

Monday, April 2, 2012


A weekend well-spent when I joined the committee for UPM Open Chess Tournament 2012 this morning as a Publicity Executive even though I myself do not know how to play chess. Seriously, I learnt a lot about event management and managed to exercise my public relations skills among all new faces I met at Panggung Percubaan UPM

I have piles of assignments to settle by this week, few meetings for endless projects and field trips so I think that I am going to hire a sexy secretary by the end of this month to help me organize my lazy days. I really wish that I could separate myself into two different personalities; one to be a half-bodied blogger and the other part is the nerdy student. I am seriously missing my job as a full-time blogger, attending events and do what I do best, which is writing. Take care and God bless people, see you when I see you okay ;)


Well-spent: dilalui dengan baik
Committee: jawatankuasa
Public relations: perhubungan awam
Piles: longgokan
Half-bodied: separuh badan
Nerdy: baik-baik