Monday, April 16, 2012

You're So Fine

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Guba ft. Yuna You're So Fine

This song is currently on my repeat now; such a sweet collaboration of a Sabahan singer-songwriter, Guba and the all famous Yuna. Guba or Gabriel Roberts Rawantas officially joined the Malaysian music industry in 2011 when his first single was released in July and now is making his way to the top, way to go!

Guba has a minor resemblance to Jason Mraz's voice (simply agreeable by my friends) but is worth listening! After a "thorough research" about Guba on Google (wanted to know more about his stage name actually), I found this page on Laguna Music website so feel free to follow him on TwitterFacebook and MySpace too. Remember that we have talented singers, actors, musicians and many more who are now making fame all around the world so let us show our support okay ;)

P/S: I hope that I can interview Guba one day ;)


Hanie Dew said...

tak sempat nak dengar lagi lagi latest yuna ni. huhuu.

Guba tu sabahan ke..laa baru tau.

kannn..mcm tak pecaya je skrg ni ramai artis melaysia mengukir nama di bintang hollywood. hehehhe

ABU said...

yaa.. artis artis malaysia very the international skrng ni uolllzz.. yg terbaru yuna gi US perform lagu dia dan mdpat pujian drpda orng kat sana..hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: hehe...boleh tahan la lagu2 ni...tak ramai artis Malaysia yg buat lagu sendiri, tulis lirik, boleh main alat muzik so he is talented hehehe

ABU: hehe yeap! Yuna tu salah seorangnya...Datuk Michelle Yeoh pun hehehehe

Anonymous said...

lagu niiii

Azham Vosovic said...

Chemay: hehe..suka lagu ni ke? heheheheh