Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Short Film/Documentary

Spent my Sunday recording a documentary about Malaysian food all around Mid Valley Megamall and bumped into Dato' Chef Hj. Ismail Ahmad when he was on his way out of Robinsons. The production team and I managed to interview the humble Celebrity Chef plus he elaborated on the history of Malaysian food with no charge, awesome! Can't wait for the video to be released soon and please pray that our team would win this Short Film/Documentary Competition okay ;)

Spent              : menghabiskan
Recording          : merakam/rakaman
Bumped into        : terserempak dengan
Managed            : berjaya
Interview          : menemubual
Humble             : merendah diri
Elaborated         : menghuraikan
History            : sejarah
Awesome            : hebat/bagus
To be released     : akan ditayangkan


Ezad Skytech said...

wahhh..terserempak ye..:D
tak sabar nak tunggu video tu..(^^,)

apple damein said...

good luck azham!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

wohooo awesome!!!! :D

ZWAN SABRI said...

Bagusla chef islamil tuu.. sanggup bagi kerjasama.. :)

misz.nupps said...

oh i know bout this short film competition!upm yg anjurkan rite?

Anonymous said...

now it's up to your video editing skills. hihi good luck!

don't forget to upload the video on youtube or elsewhere :)


woahhh... untunglah terserempak ngn chef ismail! mesti grand! =)

Hanie Dew said...

waaahhh...i bet this short film will rock the competition. lagi lagi dengan interview yang tak disangka dengan ikon berkaitan dengan makanan kan. semoga berjaya!

Unknown said...

Ezad: hehe yeap! kalau siap nanti I letak kt sini hehe

Apple: hehe, thanks Aziz!

Zuan: hehe..syukur alhamdulillah

Unknown said...

ZWAN: hehe, syukur sgt2 beliau sgt sporting hehehe

Nupps: hehe...something like that. and I saw u during the documentary shooting hehehe

Izudean: hehe...thank you so much! Insyaallah I will upload the video one day heheh

Unknown said...

Narumi: hehe...insyaallah grand! Tak sabar tunggu video tu siap hehe

Hanie: hehe...Insyaallah it will! Yes, I believe that Allah really helped us during the shooting...everything went very smoothly, for the restaurant owners to my own team members...

Zya Amalis said...

Wah...jupe retis...*retis ker? hahaha

btw, gud luck...semoga berjaya x kire masa...:)

Unknown said...

Orked: Tu Celebrity Chef la hahaha!