Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Territory

There is a small town named "Mind Your Own Business" in my mind now and I am contemplating to move there soon. The place would be just quiet and away from all of the ridiculous rules made up by my fellow human friends; just me and some others who would want to break free from reality. 

There at that place, I want to be the KING since I founded the town and I am eligible to do that (this is my dream by the way). I do not have to FIT IN with the society as I get to choose my own friends and my own enemies. The currency would be some sincere SMILES so exchanging more generous grins would make you richer than ever. There at "Mind Your Own Business", we are the most trendiest in our everyday attire since we wear HONESTY in and out. BACK STABBING is so out of fashion...even in retrospect humans have never acknowledged that kind of behavior so be aware! 

My town is meant for the SOCIALLY-UNACCEPTED men and women so we are not looking for some more trouble. Trespassers would be prosecuted so please knock before you dare to enter my territory; WE MIND OUR OWN BUSINESSES HERE! 
P/S: Just a creative writing, only those who analyze this deeply would decipher the meaning ;)


Named               : diberi nama
Contemplating       : menimbangkan/berfikir
Away                : jauh
Ridiculous          : tak masuk akal
Rules               : peraturan
Fellow              : rakan-rakan
Break free          : membebaskan diri
Founded             : mengasaskan
Eligible            : layak
Dream               : mimpi
Enemies             : musuh
Currency            : matawang
Sincere             : ikhlas
Exchanging          : bertukar-tukar
Generous            : murah hati
Grins               : sengih/senyum
Trendiest           : paling bergaya
Everyday wear       : pakaian harian
Retrospect          : tinjauan kembali
Acknowledged        : mengakui
Behavior            : tingkah laku
Meant               : disediakan
Socially-unaccepted : tidak diterima masyarakat
Trespassers         : penceroboh
Prosecuted          : didakwa
Territory           : kawasan
Decipher            : menafsirkan


Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hehe i hope i am not your enemy :D

Anonymous said...

hoping to be reality for this :D

Narumi Isozaki said...

i'd like to fill in the form~ nak jd rakyat di bwh pemerintahan tengku azham~ ;p

ZWAN SABRI said...

I want to be ur citizen.. HAHA

Aziela said...

Be the KING whenever you want....

Hanie Dew said...

aku faham tapi tak tau nak describe. somthing like orang yang berpura pura baik depan kau pastu buat jahat di belakang dan bila ko percayakan dia utk berkongsi cerita, dia gunakan maklumat tu kenekan ko balik. cenggitu ke azham.

zuan kata semlam korang sempt salam je.pastu hilang.hhihihi..

H.S Wijaya said...

haha this is cool! adore your writing :)

if only smiles are real currency..if only honesty is our life policy.if only we are allowed to be ourselves.

life would be much nicer kan?

Azham Vosovic said...

Zuan: Insyaallah both of us will not be enemies at all...

Syakir: hehe thanks bro!

Narumi: hehe, serious weyh? Kami terharu sangat-sangat ni!

Azham Vosovic said...

ZWAN: wah...I kejam tau...but in a good way la...sanggup ke?

Aziela: hehe, thanks akak! I want to be a KING in my dream hehehe

Hanie: hehe....Sebenarnya macam ni...I am now living in a place where everybody's business is everyone's concern...kadang-kadang kita hargai...tapi sampai bila kan? Mest lama-lama kita lemas hehe....sebab tu I nak pindah ke My Territory hehehe

Anonymous said...

thnx babe...guwa dtg sni dan folo :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Thanks Syakir hehe ;)

Nana said...

Kalau lah ada town macam ni,heaven je..xde org nak kacau..kan?

Orked said...

Oo...erm...mendalam setiap ayat tuh...chillax...:)

Azham Vosovic said...

Nana: teringin nak tinggal dalam Pekan Azham Vsvc? hehehe

Orked: haha...pandai pun tafsirkan hehe...tak sia2 I menulis hehehe

Hanie Dew said...


Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: maaflah hidup I ni complicated sikit hahaha...