Thursday, April 5, 2012

Off Limit

"Speak the truth even if your voice shakes"

The image above is a symbolism of myself not being able to utter words when I am angry; it is currently happening and I can't help this feeling. I am mad with a group of people who are dying to go back to their hometown without considering the others for class replacements, meetings and group discussions. Why is that everything must be according to "their time" while the others are suffering? It is so sad since we are sponsored to study but we take advantage of that; well this is unfair to myself and the others!

Most of us can bear with this university life; this is quite fun actually thinking that most of us have not gone back home to see our family for nearly two months already. To my respect, some of us are doing very well; we miss our family too but come on...please grow up! If you think you can't live apart from your family then what will happen when you are transferred to schools out of your "safe place" huh? Think about it and please consider an apology to the others. Sorry that I need to hurt your feelings to let you know how you have hurt our feelings first!

P/S: They have just pushed my patience off to the limit. 


Truth           : kebenaran
Shakes          : bergegar
Symbolism       : perumpamaan
Utter           : mengeluarkan
Currently       : sedang
Dying           : terdesak
Considering     : memikirkan
Replacements    : ganti
Bear            : tahan
Transferred     : dihantar
Apology         : kemaafan


Narumi Isozaki said...

saya setuju! kalau mcm tu, xyah duduk upm.. pergi duduk bwh ketiak mak ayah jer!!! kami pun tahan geram sebenarnya start kelas dr. habsah tu! huhuhu...

Azham Vosovic said...

Narumi: hehe yes! Alhamdulillah kami syukur ada org faham apa kami rasa....sedih sgt kan bila jadi mcm ni?

Hanie Dew said...

hhhmmm...dorng masih budak budak la tu. tak bole berenggang sikit. hhihihi...dah luah kat blog. rasa lega tak. harap kawan kawan ko tu baca entry ni.

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hehe chill

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: dah penat bersabar...cuti semester ni kalau diorang x gunakan masa cuti sebaik-baiknya...siaplah diorang!

Zuan: huhu,,,thanks dude...nanti aku cuba cari masa terjah blog kau...huhuhu....

Narumi Isozaki said...

tahu xpe.. mmg patutnya mereka ni ouch ouch ouch tyme dr habsah ckp tu.. huhuhu~ geram sgt! (>________<)
kak yah ckp, lau next sem de klas jumaat (tuto/lab), sape yg xdpt klas jumaat sem ni, sem dpn dorg kena amek.. baru adil! huhu~ =)