Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kelantan; Traditions and Values

Hi guys and girls, how are you? I am still in my holiday mood so let me compose a blog post about my short but sweet semester break okay? It all happened two weeks ago when I was stranded in KL Sentral for nearly four hours due to the train delay. I arrived home at 10 AM on Saturday and my mother dropped a bombshell that we were going to Kelantan at 4 PM on the same day, imagine that! So we travelled back to Kampung Alor Pasir, Wakaf Bharu and it was a truly smooth drive; less car and the weather was great alhamdulillah.

Well I did nothing much at my grandparents’ house; just laze around watching “Pretty Little Liars” on my laptop and sleep most of the time. My grandfather is still a fit and healthy police retiree but my grandmother is quite sick of old age. That is my grandparent’s house...a typical Malay home in Kelantan but full with fond memories of our families. The best thing about this house is the “perigi atau telaga” (or well) that is still being used to pump out freezing water from underneath the ground! Seriously, it is the best feeling that you can find when you are having your shower with “air perigi” and it is good for your health too. 

I was very naughty when I was a kid; I pour cups of washing detergents into the “perigi” until all of us cannot use the water for three days; imagine bubbles coming out of the tap when you were washing your dishes on the sink. Don’t ask me about the kind of punishment I received from my grandparents and my own folks; I am not proud of becoming so mischievous at that time okay.

Well...people come and people go; they get married and start a nuclear family leaving their folks at home. At times this place is just too quiet; no sound of children crying or screaming because they are far away secluded in the city. This kampung will only be filled with cars and people only on “kenduri kahwin”, “hari raya” and even funerals; it is sad how it is. I wonder how these villagers cope with the silence; most of them are past 60 years old and their kids are busy growing up that they forgot their parents are growing old.

Nevertheless, this is a truly beautiful and serene “kampung”; I have so many stories to share but it might take a whole year to scribble blog posts about this place. I am pleased to have the blood of Kelantan warriors within me and be a part of a state that put on importance to traditions and values. It is a really humble state with its modest people reaching out to the verge of development without denying the fact that traditions must come along the way; the art of exchanging wise gifts.

P/S: Why “wise gifts”? Because some people shy away from traditions in the name of urbanisation; they have forgotten their roots and where they came from...a note to self. Like the famous shadow puppet show “wayang kulit”, the heritage fades away and some new generations are reluctant to learn and continue the legacy. Maybe one day “wayang kulit” can only be seen among the state museum’s collections merely as exhibits and not as a show.


Traditions            : tradisi
Values                : nilai
Compose               : menulis
Stranded              : terkandas
Delay                 : tergendala
Dropped a bombshell   : memberitahu perkara mengejutkan
Laze around           : memalaskan diri
Police retiree        : pesara police
Sick of old age       : sakit tua
Typical               : biasa
Fond                  : bahagia
Pump out              : mengepam
Underneath            : dari bawah
Pour cups             : menuang bercawan-cawan
Washing detergents    : cecair pencuci pakaian
Tap                   : paip
Dishes                : pinggan-mangkuk
Punishment            : hukuman
Folks                 : ibu bapa, warga tua
Mischievous           : nakal
Nuclear family        : keluarga besar
At times              : kadang-kadang
Secluded              : terperap, terkurung
Be filled             : akan dipenuhi
Funerals              : pengebumian
Cope                  : bertahan
Silence               : kesunyian
Are past              : lebih daripada
Scribble              : merangka, menulis
Pleased               : bangga, bahagia
Within me             : dalam diri saya
Put on importance     : meletakkan kepentingan
Humble                : merendah diri
State                 : negeri
Modest                : sederhana
Verge                 : sempadan, hujung
Without               : tanpa
Denying               : menafikan
Exchanging            : bertukar-tukar
Wise                  : bijak
Gifts                 : hadiah
Shy away              : lari daripada, tidak mengakui
Urbanisation          : proses pembandaran
Have forgotten        : telah melupakan
Roots                 : asal-usul
Heritage              : warisan
Fade away             : semakin menghilang
Reluctant             : tidak sanggup, tidak mahu
Continue              : meneruskan
Legacy                : warisan
Collections           : koleksi-koleksi
Merely                : semata-mata
Exhibits              : bahan pertunjukan
Show                  : persembahan


Hanie Dew said...

rasa macam tengok documentari dengan suara latar bila aku baca entry ko ni azham. mmg ada bakat journalism.

tu la fikir kan balik kampung semakin sunyi. generasi baru semua bergerak ke bandar. yang tua tinggal tak ke mana mana. tp lepas diorang dah semakin tiada. siapa lagi akan menghuni kampung?

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: Amin....minta-minta doa u dimakbulkan Allah hehe...I mmg minat sgt dgn journalism ni hehe...

Yeap...nanti kampung semua sunyi...bandaraya makin sesak dgn manusia dan mereka saling berbunuhan hehehehe

Syuk Ry said...

ni boleh wat vlog ni.. hoho..

FarhanaLicious said...

wow. siap ada glossary. good for us. TQ. BTW, nakal gila time kecik. hehe

Anonymous said...

rindunyaa nak balik kampung.
tapi chemay dah tak ada kampung dah.
lepas ni kalau azham nak balik kampung.
jangan lupa ajak chemay ya?

apple damein said...


Aziela said...

Oh, kenapalah rasa sangat jeles nie... huhuuhu

Azham Vosovic said...

Syuk: haha...tak pernah cuba buat vlog lagi hehehe

Farhana: hehe...yeap...glossary tu tuk memudahkan pembacaan hehe...di samping menarik minat pembaca terhadap karya di dalam Bahasa Inggeris...

Azham Vosovic said...

chemay: hehe...nak ikot balik Kelantan ke? jauh tu haha....

Apple: thanks Aziz!

Aziela: hehe...kenapa rasa jeles plak? hehehe

Narumi Isozaki said...

woahhh! untunglah kampung de perigi! best3!!! =)

Azham Vosovic said...

Narumi: air perigi sgt best hehe!

Nick Nashram said...

i wish i could write like you..hahah

Azham Vosovic said...

Nik: hehe...alhamdulillah maybe I am blessed to write....and insyaallah I will try to write for good....