Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's okay to be the second to know...

.: Disclaimer :. 
This post is not related to any of my friend in International Languages Teacher Training Institute at all despite the conflicts that happened today. I noticed that this month is full of conflicts among friends and best friends. I made this poem while I was enjoying my hazy days of "raya" holidays so just enjoy this piece of crap okay? 

How does it feel to be the first?
Did you enjoy the moment?
Did you have a great time?
I am glad that you were the earliest,
I don’t mind to be the second to know,

I used to be the last to know news,
Trust me, I know the painful emotion.
I would like you to have the moment,
And enjoy the triumph you got over me.
I have had my time, now it is your turn.
Take care always, God bless you.

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