Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apology Accepted?

I apologized to you yesterday night because of my bad attitude
Due to insufficient of sleep while doing our SS Video,
Not that I apologize when I did not talk to you.

You are the one who should ask for forgiveness,
Not me okay!
Do you know the reasons?
You did not care at all about our video,
You did not even text me or ask anything that you can do to help!
I was and am still mad because of that you know!
Totally angry with your attitude 
When you will always put your hands off things
 When problems occurred!

You want to know something?
I quit.
I quit from every task or assignment that has got to do with you.
I want you to hold up responsibilities by your own
And it is final!
I am never ever going to work with you again!

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