Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Real Prostitute!

This is just an expression, 
I am sorry if you are not okay with all the harsh words.
Fell free to leave this page if you don't like it!

Come again.
Did you just call me prostitute?
Oh, that was so bold of you!
You want to know the reasons?
Let this filthy guy tells you a story...

In one college,
There is a guy who is a real maniac.
He fucks all cute guys in the hostel,
Stuffs them up with Big Apple
And love them in a brotherly manner.

He forces them
To suck his penis when no one's watching.
He cums into their butts while his girl friend is waiting.
He spends more nights with them
 Rather than his day outs with her!
Oh my God, 
I am indirectly telling the tale of yours!

So, tell me fucker!
Who is the real prostitute now?
What makes you feel that you are better than me
While you yourself adore dicks?
What makes you call me 'chikaro' 
When I ride a bike to a mosque with a mate?
You know something Homo-S,
I know lots of your same-sex stories,
Don't let me spread them to the whole college.

P/S: Now who is the real prostitute?

*Note that 'chikaro' is another word for prostitutes, sex workers and such.


gwen velora said...

is this real?? IPBA's student? fuyooo

Azham Vosovic said...

Huhuhu, Gwen, I shall not comment on anything.. heheh....but you are a big girl, you know the answer...