Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Secret: Paris Hilton


I want to share a secret for you. 
I used to like Paris Hilton so much when I was in Form 3. 
That was the time when she was famous with her sex tape "One Night In Paris" 
And I have never watched the video (like seriously watch it). 
It all started when I tuned in to watch "Simple Life", 
The show which she co-hosted with Nicole Richie. 
I have never watched season 1 of the show 
Because I was still in the transition of being a boy to a teenage boy. 

Yes, my obsession towards her started when I watched 
The Simple Life: Road Trip, 
The Simple Life: Interns, 
The Simple Life: 'Till Death Do Us Part 
And The Simple Life: Goes To Camp. 
They made funny silly jokes 
And were obviously the Dumb Blonde in the show. 

And then in 2006, 
When Paris Hilton came out with her debut album, 
I was madly in love with her songs. 
Name them, 
From Stars Are Blind, 
Nothing In This World, 
Turn It Up...
I memorize the lyrics
 More than I memorize my History book
That I was supposed to read for my PMR examinations.

And starting from 2007, 
I tried my best to reduce the obsession towards her 
Because my mum said she is one bad influence for me. 
With the news of her going out and into the jail, 
Plus her love stories with different kinds of men he met, 
Then I realized that she had some kind of influence to me. 
I even tried to talk with her tone, 
The kitty-purr voice and be fashionably trendy 
Though I have less amount of cash than her.

To Paris Hilton, 
I wish you all the best in your life. 
I will still support your career and your labels! 
I will go to KL Hilton or PJ Hilton one day, 
Just to show support to your family's business. 
And honestly, I think you are more mature and a nice girl now, 
Despite the news that you cannot come to Malaysia
To launch your label here because of drug issue. 
I am still looking forward to see you in Malaysia! 
Take care Paris! 

P/S: Be a good lady, wife and mother to your family yea?

That's hot!

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