Sunday, October 24, 2010

A treat for a friend

Introducing, Miss Tulipz a.k.a Kak Kimah.
She is the lab rat for my next agenda.
(But wait, I love this picture!)
Yes, why does it sound so scary?
Well, I have won something again,
Thanks to Nuffnang for being so generous 
Towards me and I owe Nuffnang twice!

I signed up for a form while blog walking this evening.
It is not a contest organized by Nuffnang but
It is an advertisement of Skin 11 product.
I clicked the advertisement and was
Needed to fill in a name, phone number, email address and guess what?
I filled in the form with Kak Kimah's details because
It is stated in the terms and condition that
Every person who applied must be 21 years and above,
So Kak Kimah is the perfect person to receive such treatment!

This is the proof yea Kak Kimah!
You can trust me...

This is the link of the website of the product.
You can click and see for yourself...

Hopefully I can accompany her to Skin 11 Centre in Times Square,
This is a kind of belated birthday gift for her (hehehe)
But Kak Kimah, I am not expecting anything, seriously.
I have brought Diba to Vaseline Party,
And I can't ask Kak Dhiah to go for this treatment 
(Well, you know who she is)
Plus Kak Mariah's skin is flawless,
I can't be bringing Azam, Jaazli or myself there
And I don't know anyone else aged above 21...
I really hope Kak Kimah can go for this treatment.
That's all I can do for her...

There's a sudden realization, 
Not to boast but I know it now 
That I am born into this world to make my friends happy. 
Alhamdulillah, I apppreciate this opportunity so much Ya Allah!
I don't feel lonely anymore in this world.
I have my friends around...

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