Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Backstabber, Hypocrite!

I am really a backstabber,
I am not your best friend forever anymore,
I spread the stories about you and Dylan,
I told everyone that he is your naughty bed partner,
I was the one who had posted the pictures of you both,
Kissing so lively by the side of the beach last November.

I used to love him dear,
Until one day you told me he approached you
And asked for your number at Kelly's party.
I hate you since that and forever Ashley!
For having him while I was the one
Eying him since the first day of me in Princeton High School.

I am hypocrite,
I envy both of you for being so in love,
I hate you both that you will always hold each other's hand
After school, late at night and every time you meet!
For me, you both do not belong to each other!
I deserve him better than you my dear!

I am your number one enemy now.
I am happy to see you suffer like this,
When the crowd in school curse you
For having Dylan's baby.
You will have a better marriage life with him,
Even though you have wasted your teenage life for him.

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