Saturday, October 2, 2010

Duplicate Me...

Aren't they cute together?
I envy them, seriously.
But it is too late for my parents to produce a twin for me.

I will adopt one pair once I've graduated.
I am going to name them 
"Muhammad Nur Qushairi"
"Muhammad Nur Nazrill".

Oh my God, I can't wait!
But wait! Then my parents will say,
"It is better you get married and produce your own twin!".

I don't want to get married 
Until I reached the age of 30 
With Masters in Mass Communication
By Glasgow University of London.

I want to be a TV Presenter first,
With 5 years of training in English language.
Well, I just want to polish my English language first,
Then I will apply for scholarship to go and study in United Kingdom!
Pray for my best okay?
Salam, and God bless...

P/S: Ustaz Abu Hisyam was right this morning.
Yes, I really have a very high ambition.
He made me smile throughout the day!
And I am also sure with the part that
I want to get married with a tall girl,
But make sure that she is not taller than me okay?

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