Sunday, October 10, 2010

I went out alone again...

I went out alone again.
I went to Amcorp Mall to buy a packet of instant mee,
 Waffles and few other unhealthy foods.
I had lunch at Sri Suria and the food was terrible.
I won't go there anymore in future!

There was a sudden and strange feelings within me,
I felt like I was missing a piece of puzzle.
I wonder,
If I have a special person beside me just now,
I will never feel so useless and lonely there.
I need a partner immediately...
Cupid please shoot an arrow for me.

And there,
I suddenly remembered my family,
How I miss shopping with you mum and dad.
I miss the moment when you said
"Pick whatever things you want to have, I'll pay".
Mum and Dad, I want money...
I'm short of cash now...
I want to eat and go out...
Promise me you'll bank-in cash this month yea?

Life in IPBA is so boring and scary.
Why did I mention scary?
I have experienced an eerie moment last night!
That was the result of all ghost stories with 
Amir, Alaina and Fiqah yesterday night at Scuds.
How I wish Shafik was with me last night.
Hazman slept in another room,
And Sidqi was sleeping soundly due to his exhaustion
After he went to Port Dickson for a trip...
And I???
I shall not share the story with you guys and girls here...

So, until I have another idea/story to share with all of you,
Take care and God bless...


NorFa NFMD said...

u went out alone?gt probs ke dik??

Azham Vosovic said...

huhuhuhu, akak, I have asked my friends to follow me but they have their own agenda.. So, I went out alone to fulfill my lust for food but turned out to be "The Worst Food Ever Experience @ Sri Suria"

Amalina Sulaiman said...

Azham jumpe antu apew? :p

Azham Vosovic said...

Leen, OMG... can't tell you here...