Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Am Expecting...

I went to the specialist yesterday,
And the doctor said that
I am finally expecting a pair of babies,
I thought In-Vitro procedure did not work out,
I thought I have wasted a big sum of money
But finally you see, after all the hardships,
After I have waited for a month for the news.

The doctor said they are both my baby boy,
They will be born in eight months time,
And now is the moment for me to start shopping,
Just to find the perfect fit for my twins,
Zara Kids, Baby Guess, Marc Jacob Kids,
All famous labels are for my babies,
As I want them to wear designers made only.

Mr. Prime Minister was so kind
 To give me extra five hundreds this year,
And three months of post-natal leave,
Today is the best time for me to have these babies,
I promise I will stop singing for a moment
As I want to serve the best for my babies,
And I want to feel their kicking in my tummy.