Monday, October 18, 2010

The Babies Are Kicking!

Oh My God!
The babies has kicked!
I am so glad.
Oh my dearest babies,
I hope you will be born healthy and fit!

I hope you both will not use your feet
To kick any women you hate.
I hope that you won't walk to clubs
Or go to parties when you both are already big.
I just hope you both will always go to the mosque,
Do lots of charity works and use your feet for good deeds.

Oh my two babies, 
Mummy can't wait to run to the Central Park with you both!
Mummy will allow you to run, 
Not to be on strollers like other kids, 
Because mummy knows you both will be someone extraordinary.

Until then,
Mummy shall wait for you both here in Upper East Side.

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