Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ruiner

You are such a born politician,
Made to make people believe your words
While you had done nothing to walk your talk.
You are such a good sucker, yes! You would do anything 
Just to make sure you win the election and the post.

You have played dirty in order to win
And I can just stay here to count the awards you'll bring back,
I will still smile because I don't want to waste half of my life
To hate such good cheater, the guy who holds his promises like a gun,
Ready to shoot whoever leaning in his way up to the top.

So despite the efforts, the tears and the cries we've poured in,
There will always be a guy who would mess up everything.
Thank you for being the ruiner of our achievement,
For always being jealous of our grin and bliss,
For forever cheating so that you can stick to the hierarchy.

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