Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paper Doll Dancer

This is just an example of a paper doll dancer
Dear Hannah Mubarak,
I have to tell you something that is really important. 
Please listen carefully for what I am about to tell you,
You should have your seat, but don't you ever scream at me
Because the news that you are going to hear may shock you forever.

Oh Hannah Mubarak,
I saw your dad near the back lanes of Chow Kit Road,
He was heavily in make up and dressed sexily in an exposed gown,
He was so tall for him was wearing that 7-inch platform heels.
I knew he is your dad, so I took him home and bring him here.

Oh Hannah Mubarak,
Your dad is a paper doll dancer for Old Man's Club.
I went inside to drag him out and I spoke to the manager.
He said your dad have been dancing on stage for twenty years,
I knew twenty years ago was the year you were born right?

Oh Hannah Mubarak,
I hope you will not be mad at him.
After all, he is still your dad and you are his only family,
Bring him to your home, get him shirts and trousers.
Take care of him Hannah, don't let that fifty years old man dance again.

Paper Doll Dancers:
A group of males trying to express their sexuality by trying to be the opposite sex.

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