Friday, November 25, 2011

The Black Swan on Ice

Venue: Sunway Pyramid
Price: RM 23 for school holidays.

I have been longing to skate for over a year and yesterday I managed to fulfil my lust. Yeah, I think this second time skating was not too bad, at least I did not fall and wet my jeans ;)

A heartfelt thanks and appreciation to my TESL seniors, Abul, Acap, and Farouk for the fun we had (minus Rizal, the small boy there because he is my classmate), and the pain on our leg now.

Sorry, we cam-whored a lot but thanks to Aliff and Acap for the photos. 

We had our skate-shoes on, gloves and everything complete but had to wait for the ice-rink to be cleared. This "Black Swan" is really a great skater and I think that she enjoys her work here.

Then after 15 minutes or more, the rink was opened and there goes everyone...There was such a crowd so we had to slow down skating as we do not want to fall or hit anyone.

I was nervous because I do not want to fall but luckily ice-skating is just the same as skating on a roller-blade. Thank God that I used to skate when I was a kid so I applied the same principle. I tried my best not to get into other people's way and let them "gelabah" because falling is not fun! However, it is worth the experience but I still do not want to fall hahaha.

After nearly 2 hours, I got off the rink and left the place. My feet were in pain because you need to tie the shoe tight or you will feel discomfort later. Walking with the skate-shoe on a normal floor/tile feels cool too, as I feel so very tall and confident. Yeah, not on the ice-rink or I will fall hahaha. 

Well, ice-skating is simply a good exercise, especially for those who want to try something new. I sweat a lot even though it was cool down there, I guess that I burnt a huge amount of calories too people. 

P/S: Bring your own socks and gloves, no need to get the expensive one there ;)


Aman Ibrahim said...

never try.. uwuwuwuwuwu..

beLLa said...

bestnya! teringin nak maen tapi tak pegi2 lagi. tak brani sbnonye. xP

rozeeta rashid said...

wahh bestnyaa. tak pernah pun skate on ice. roller blade je pernah. hehe.

EpoLįƒ¦Kekunangpelangi said...

Perhh.. bawak bini best manja2 sini.. :P

Saiazuan said...

aku x prnah try main bnda alah ni

Azham Vosovic said...

bella: hehe, sampai bila nak kekal macam tu? jom cuba sesuatu yg baru...

rozeeta: best, awak kena cuba hehehe...tapi sakit kaki mcm pakai high heels hahahah

Epol: hehe, klau da ada bini ler...hehehe

Zuan: lepas ni kau kena cuba hehehe

.:rizaL:. said...

haha...u r the black swan haha

ABU said...

aku selalu lepak kat sunway tapi tak pernah masuk ice skating ni lgi.. kalu kat roller disco skating ring kat subang avenue aku dah pernah.. u should try someday..

Azham Vosovic said...

Rizal: haha, thanks ;)

ABU: wah...yeker? insyaallah nanti aku try hehehehe

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

ok aku nak try main time cuti ni..

Azham Vosovic said...

Zuan: kalau ada duet pegi jer! x pyh tggu2 hahaha