Sunday, November 13, 2011

MLIE Exhibition: Acknowledgment

Please cite the source if any of you happen to extract any information from this site; Aiman and I have sourced for information and research with hopes to make this mini-exhibition a successful one. Plagiarism is not allowed, just cite the source(s) according to the American Psychological Association (APA) format. 

MLIE stands for "Malaysian Literature in English" and I will post the mini-research my partner and I had prepared on this site as another option for our exhibition. I know that it is quite risky to publish our findings here but honesty is the best policy. Wish us luck people ;)

First of all, we would like to thank Allah for letting us the chance to complete this assignment within the stipulated time and for the easement blessed to us. We would also like to express our highest gratitude to Dr. Premalatha Nair for her guidance and tips on how to go about doing a mini research regarding our choice of Malaysian writers. We must also express appreciation to A. Samad Said for agreeing to be interviewed by us early this month and shared a lot of interesting information about himself as a writer and a person.

For this mini research, we are looking into A. Samad Said’s social and education background, his collection of writings as well as his contribution to Malaysian Literature. We must agree that carrying out a mini research is not an easy task but this knowledge is very helpful in making us understand the actual situation of how a research is done. We believe that this knowledge will be helpful one day since we have got our firsthand experience as a researcher.

We also hope that our findings about A. Samad Said will be beneficial to other students, especially our course mates since we can exchange ideas and information about different writers we are looking into. We think that it is crucial for TESL students to know various writers of Malaysian literature and enrich our understanding about their life and works since we can all share this to our students later.

As a conclusion, this assignment has helped to deepen our understanding about Malaysian literature because most of us are more influenced to English literature all these while. We have also started to develop our interest in Malaysian writers so hopefully the readers of this portfolio will feel the same way too. Thank you once again to those who are involved directly or indirectly in the making of this portfolio, and please make use the information stated wisely.

P/S: There will be many blog posts coming up in less than 12 hours so do not get stressed out okay?


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Azham Vosovic said...

ABU: hehe, sebab nak tunjuk blog post ni kt lecturer esok...untuk exhibition ;)

Anonymous said...

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Azham Vsvc said...

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