Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why The All-IPG KBA Rejects?

This is the answer to all of your queries; why the tittle for the previous blog post is "The All-IPG KBA Rejects"

Some of you might know that I am in the Twinning Program with Universiti Putra Malaysia although I am a student in Institut Pendidikan Guru, Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa(IPG KBA) Kuala Lumpur. My course mate and I will be going to UPM in February next year insyaallah, to finish our 2nd and 3rd year degree and come back to IPG KBA for our final year. 

Then why I name my group The All-IPG KBA Rejects? The reason being is because some of the lecturers in IPG KBA regard us as "anak UPM" and we should not be here anymore. Some students said that we are the snob (sombong) group because we are in the twinning program and we demand a lot for hostel matters, classes and assignments etc. 


That kind of things made us wonder; are we at fault for applying to be in the TESL Secondary Group and have this chance to further our studies in the university next year? That is seriously unfair as some people made us feel like we do not belong to IPG KBA anymore and they cannot wait for us to leave. I feel that we are being rejected from IPG KBA itself, the whole institution.


They never know that in UPM, we are called the "Budak IPG" especially from those in the same faculty. I experienced it firsthand when I went to UPM last September for the orientation week, that "Budak IPG" will always be treated as "Budak IPG". You see, even I feel that UPM rejects us to. The people around push us aside so where do we go now? Maybe one day we will be The All-UPM Rejects too?


Nevertheless, I feel secured to be around my other 39 classmates because we love each other. I know that if anything ever happens to us, there will be hands to hold, eyes that will observe and ears that hear. It is alright guys and girls, we go to UPM, we collect as much knowledge we have from that different world and come back to IPG KBA to serve for the country. 

Sorry Ustaz Azman, I am in my holiday mood so I did not pay attention for TITAS class just now. I am too busy scribbling my justification about this All-IPG KBA Rejects blog post and cannot wait to go back to Penang this Saturday. 

P/S: My name is Azham...not Azam ;)


Aman Ibrahim said...

hehehe~ Sorry for my last comment, Azham. I x sengaja okay.. jgn sedih..

Owh, being rejected huh? I think we are in the same isue but lucky for u guys. Bilangan korunk 39 compare to us 20.. u guys lebih dekat (KBA-UPM) berbangding kami (UKM-Trg)..

Be strong.. Allah knows better..
Cheer up okay~

zoe said...

laa.. ciannye, mesti terasa kan.. anyway, u r not alone, that feels so good!. biarkan je la Azham, asalkan performance tip top. who cares kan? biar diorang tau u guys ni lagi high performance from the existing UPM student situ.. hehehe

Saiazuan said...

hmm hope u will not be rejected..

apple damein said...

build up faith..well u should know that i dont feel that way..hihihi good luck in upm

Azham Vosovic said...

Aman: jgn terasa tau pasal Azam-Azham tu hehe... Alhamdulillah, kami ada 40 orang semuanya, campur dgn pelajar IPG Kampus Temenggung Ibrahim lagi kt UPM nanti, ada 60 orang semuanya...

Zoe: huhuh...memang terasa sangat masa awal2 kena dulu...tambah2 bila da masuk UPM ni huhuhu.... well, insyaallah...bukan senang nak senang kan? saya akan cuba yang terbaik;)

Zuan: thanks dude... kau sehat ker?

Apple: I know you always do...in fact you are one of my closest friend in the Primary Group,and I respect our friendship. No worries okay?

rozeeta rashid said...

diorang dengki la tu. hehe. tiba2 rasa nak jadi cikgu maths.

Suhami Ahmad said...

persetankan semua tu azham....yang penting kita tahu hala tuju hidup kita....ilmu Allah tu bukan milik seorang saja

Azham Vosovic said...

rozeeta: haha, jom la join IPG hehehe....

Atok: heheh, thanks atok... dulu terasa sgt tp skrg dah lali huhuhu.... thanks for your support bro ;)

Kamaruddin Kairuu said...

budak UPM...hehe..selamat bercuti and inshallah kita jumpe d final year sbg budak IPGKBA..ki3..jangan amik hati na apa yg depa2 nie ckp. Primary group is here to carry on the legacies of IPGKBA's teslians..

Azham Vosovic said...

Kamaruddin: hahaha, jahat gila! haha! Okay insyaallah, ada masa kita boleh jumpa kat Mid Valley ka hehehe...dekat je kan? Semoga berjaya dalam pelajaran yea korang, jgn byk main, ponteng kelas, masuk lambat semualah.....jadi guru yang berguna kpd anak muridnya satu hari nanti ;)