Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The All-IPG KBA Rejects

Sorry guys, Sosiologi Pendidikan and TITAS classes today were a bit dull, so I decided to cam-whore/cam-slut, whatever you name it. This is not self-publicity but like what Yuna says in the advertisement, there is a song in every image ;)

I was a back-bencher this morning but mind you, I prefer to sit in front most of the time. See how a good teacher I try to be hehehe.

The empty seat with a green water bottle is mine... There are 40 students in the TESL for Secondary School group and we are divided into 2 classes. I am in TESL Secondary School Group B since my foundation level and I like it.

This is one of my course mate presenting about "sekolah pedalaman". The good news is, teachers will get a lot of allowances and incentives if they are posted to interior schools located in Sabah, Sarawak or even in the Peninsular Malaysia. 

There are less secondary school in the interior part of Malaysia too as most are situated in the suburbs (pinggir bandar) or the town (pekan) area so we are quite lucky actually. As for me, I do not mind being posted to interior parts of Malaysia, and will not moan and groan if I were not given the chance. As what a teacher in SK Gusai, Ulu Tembeling, Pahang said in a video, "Susah jangan dicari..." so let us just go with the flow...or with the government's flow?

P/S: Some asked, why "The All-IPG KBA Rejects" is the tittle of this post? Well, wait for my justification in the next post ;)


apik pehe said...

hehe..bagus la cikgu2 ni semua

Aman Ibrahim said...

i was so curious bout the title? what is rejected? KBA stands for what? Azam u saja jer kan hahaha..

zoe said...

wahh siap ade yang baring2 lagi kan.. anyway., camwhore is never been wrong! hhaha. semua orang je pun sometimes camwhore, hehe

blog-tips-kurus said...

so, please sing me the 'song'?? hehe!

YOUsoF said...

Yeah setiap gambar ada lagu tersendiri.. ;D

Tula, aku pun nak tahu kenapa tajuknya sebegitu. hehe

Saiazuan said...

rindu jadi cikgu :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Apik: hehe. bagus ke? semua mengantok hahaha...

Aman: hurm, nama I Azham lah...sedihnya.... wait for my bext post okay?

zoe: hehe...I know right? cuma I segan nak cam-whore hehehe....

BTL: hehe, takkan tak dengar? ada tu hehe

YOU: yeay...tunggu post selepas ini kay?

Zuan: hehe, kau mesti cikgu yang berdedikasi dulu kan?