Monday, November 14, 2011

MLIE Exhibition: Fansuri's Love

Please cite the source if any of you happen to extract any information from this site; Aiman and I have sourced for information and research with hopes to make this mini-exhibition a successful one. Plagiarism is not allowed, just cite the source(s) according to the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

Taken from: here

Fansuri’s Love, or in the Malay version “Cinta Fansuri” is another novel by A. Samad Said set in the worries of the Gulf War by the Iraqis and the Americans. In the beginning of the story, one of the character in the novel, Damri travels to various places and even France to search for Fansuri. Fansuri is tragically in love with a woman named Fahiyaton that had sworn to be with him but chose to marry the owner of the black pepper farm instead. This novel questions the issues of faith, trust and honour in a relationship because after Fahiyaton’s husband died, she married her late husband’s uncle and hurts Fansuri for the second time. Later, Fahiyaton was divorced by her second husband and Fansuri rejected her but three years after the incident, Fahiyaton declined Fansuri’s offer for them to get married. Sadden by Fahiyaton’s refusal, he vowed to never see Fahiyaton ever again and moved to France alone until the very end of his life. He even refused to see Damri and never wanted to be paired up with anyone else as he was happy that way.

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