Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Faraway Land, i-City.

Parking: RM 10 per entry and that is all I think.

Nurr Shafik and Alexs Nuk

With Nateesha Zhabernyh.

Went there to celebrate Nurr Shafik's birthday, and all four of us had the best of time spent there. The lights are all beautiful, it makes us feel that we are in a fairy tale land actually. 

The atmosphere is very calming and suitable for family outing. I see no love couples doing extra-curricular activities there too so I think that the park is safe for all age group ;)

Sometimes I wonder why it is called 'i-City' and not the 'City of Light' or any other name. Does anyone care to share with me? Too lazy to google-lah.

Well, I am very well proud that Malaysia has this kind of tourist attraction, that is why we should promote our own places of interest to the whole world. 

There are Snow Walk, Reptile and Animal Farm, fun-fair, games arcade and a strand of restaurants too with an ambiance of warmth. I do not know why but the people around there are very helpful, warm and cheerful so I feel like I am home. 

And yes, at 12 o'clock in the morning we sang a Happy Birthday song to Nurr Shafik and ate at a restaurant which we can sit cross-legged (bersila), so wait for my next post okay?

P/S: The maintenance at this park is great but I am quite disappointed with the toilet. Duh! Please flush whenever you have settled your thing dude! Yes, it happened in a male's toilet and seriously shameful.


Anonymous said...

sgt2 cnteq!~

Saiazuan said...

hmm bru g bln 7 aritu.. tp g tgk concert.. :D

Azham Vosovic said...

Lelaki: hehe, thanks bro...

Zuan: wah... bila kau balik bercuti ni ZUan?